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  1. Been around for a while but not as active on the forums as maybe I should be, anyway here's my current setup. Will likely get a wedge fitting once Spring is properly in and there is grass on the ground so that part of the bag is likely to change in the next couple of months. I need to work on the gapping there so hope that will help. The MP-20HMBs are the newest addition, these things slap. I went from an old set of AP2s I got off a used rack and got fitted finally. My club had a Mizuno fitting day, so I hit a few balls with my old 7 iron to get a baseline, the fitter watched a few mediocre at best shots that half heartedly attempted to reach their target, the fitter obviously knew his stuff because he immediately assembled a MP-20HMB with KBS $ Taper 120s and had me hit it. First shot, immediate "holy crap" moment. High but still penetrating ball flight, gentle draw that fell right over the target and gained me at least a full club in carry distance. I'm not the longest hitter so that was actually a useful thing for me. A few more shots with that club and some tinkering with other heads and shafts to make sure, but we kept coming back to the first setup and I've been very happy with them. TSi2 was an early birthday gift after a family member who works at a golf store got a stupid discount on it, like if you don't buy it you're stupid, so I got fitted for that too. A bit of distance gained upgrading from a 915D2, nothing crazy, but the dispersion improvement was incredible. I'd tried various shafts in an attempt to find something that would allow me to swing freely, I guess I finally found it and just happened to pair it with a new clubhead at the same time. The winner was the Tensei AV Raw White 75, a surprise to me since it's marketed for low launch and spin, but that paired with a 10deg head got me perfect launch numbers. 3 wood and hybrid are nothing special just off the used rack, I should do a 3 wood fitting eventually but just didn't have time when dialing in the driver. I hit them fine for now and am confident in them anyway. The wedges are Vokey SM6s and a SM7 with stamping by me for a bit of fun, I guess I'll have to think of something clever to put on new ones when I get around to that. Putter is thanks to the MGS recommendation of Evnroll. I had done a Scotty fitting a while ago and was ok with that one, but was curious to try Evnroll and see what Mr. Rife had up his sleeve. I ordered the same specs as my Scotty with an ER2 head and it's been in the bag for about a year now. I especially like the 2 small sight dots on the top of the club, they really work well for me with the sight line. I want to send it off to get a custom finish put on, but I may have to wait until next winter since I don't want to be without it through this golf season. I have some just for fun irons that are going to be built soon so I'll have to come back and post those when they're done.
  2. Jeff Greensboro, NC I do walk the majority of my rounds. I currently use a Clicgear 3.5. I was actually thinking about looking at electric carts since my course has quite a few hills and it's a chore to push a heavy cart, so this is a great opportunity to put this one to the test.
  3. I was already thinking about upgrading to the new HOVR Drives from the last gen model, now I'm pretty much sold on them. They have been awesome for me so I expect more of the same, very comfy walking shoe and lots of traction but mine are nearing end of life. I'm also curious to see when/if they come out with the next gen Spieth shoe, he seems to be wearing something I've not seen in their catalog. I also have and like the Spieth 4 so I'd expect the next in line to be just as good. Seems like in years past they launched around PGA show time, but I'm guessing the pandemic and logistics/manufacturing difficulties pushed things back.
  4. Jeff Greensboro, NC Current Driver in Play: Titleist 915D2 Handicap: 4.2 Swing Speed: 95-100mph Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  5. I had to try a few times to get the latest firmware to update, not sure what the issue was, but it finally worked after 4-5 tries (turn off the band and force close the app between tries). Their support team is normally very responsive, seems like others are seeing delayed responses too so there must be something going on, but I have to assume it's temporary. I urge you to give it another shot before refunding, hopefully you can get it sorted.
  6. Not sure if anyone had answered you directly yet, but anyway...I have not had this issue, I assume ending/restarting got things working for you again? Definitely report it to their support team, I'm sure they would want to know. I did have one instance of the GPS dropping after the 1st hole so it didn't log shots, but somehow it did continue to give me yardages and allow me to use pinselect. I only found out after I tried to sync the round and it wasn't there, Shotscope support noted the issue and I think did implement some sort of fix in the latest firmware.
  7. Finally got the firmware update to work, it kept freezing at 99%. You guys bring up good points with the value of having the band on the wrist to track all shots, it's doable on the cart, but it would involve a lot of editing after the round.
  8. I will have to test it out during my next round, it would be cool to have the Shotscope on my pushcart and be able to wear my fitbit instead. I was just basing my thought off of the instructions they have on how to use the tags. Right now I'm still struggling to update the firmware, so we'll see if I can at least get that done today.
  9. I'm not sure tapping the tag with the band would work effectively, as far as I know the prolonged close proximity you get from holding/swinging the club is what triggers a shot read. Might be a good question to pose to ShotScope directly. In other news, there is a firmware update out today, I seem to be getting stuck at 99% sync to update it though, anyone else having issues? I've tried closing/re-opening the app, might try turning the band off/on as well and try again.
  10. @fixyurdivot over the weekend I drained the battery to 12% after 2 full rounds that took roughly 4 hours each. Fully charged from there in about 1.4 - 1.5 hours, so that's about on par with what others have reported. I also had a lengthy period where I just left the band on to use as a watch to try to drain the battery more, after a 3.5 hour 18 hole round today I was sitting at 68% charge from starting full.
  11. I haven't timed it out and haven't had my V3 battery drop below 50% yet, but from about half charge it got to full fairly quickly, certainly seemed to be much less than 2.5 hours. I don't know about the claim of 50% more battery life, my V2 would be at about 40% after a 4 hour round using tracking and GPS, V3 is 50-60%. First time out with it I played 18 in 3 hours with GPS and tracking, left the band on overnight by accident, and had 67% when I plugged it in the next day. I'm playing a couple rounds over the next few days so I will try to remember to time the battery charging. If I still have at least 55% battery after one round I'll play the second on the same charge to drain the battery and try to time a full charge.
  12. Update on my lost round, unfortunately it looks like the GPS dropped after the 1st hole, so nothing ended up being recorded. I guess when they initially said my round was there they could see I hit play, but didn't see it was dropped. They did ask me if I could still get yardages and hit pincollect throughout the round, which I could, so there was no indication the GPS dropped. I'll see if they say anything else, but at the very least I hope this alerted them of a possible issue that can hopefully be addressed. From what I have seen their team is on top of things, so I don't expect ongoing issues. This is the first time a GPS drop has ever caused a round to be lost since I've been using the V2 and now V3. Edit: literally just got an email back, they are looking into the firmware to ensure a GPS drop does not occur. They also said this is highly unusual behavior from the band, which my own experience reflects. So hopefully it won't happen to anyone else.
  13. Agreed. This first week with the V3 is the first time I've experienced any sort of issues, a few months ago with the V2 there was a course that had changed names so I sent it to them, within 12 hours they had it all changed in the database. I'm confident we'll figure out what went wonky with my lost round, it's on my account somewhere, I just can't see it.
  14. Hmm, interesting. In my app 2020 is the only year I can select and the only year I have stats/rounds for, so maybe something similar happened. Thanks for the insight, if they email me back without a solution I will mention that.
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