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  1. On 12/16/2020 at 7:44 PM, RickyBobby_PR said:

    People would be shocked what various jordan sneakers for. $14999 doesn’t even come close to some pairs

    Haha I'm very well aware of the sneaker market... that is a WHOLE different ball game. Crazy the amount some shoes go for.

  2. Not that anything needs to be added to this post... but the last three sets that sold on eBay were for $14,999, $9,250, and $9,499. The asking price seems pretty reasonable to me after seeing those numbers 😂

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  3. 8 minutes ago, jlukes said:

    They are doing EXTREMELY well.

    I am friends with the GM of my local store and they have already made up all of their losses from when they were closed earlier in the year.  They are swamped every day and they cannot keep anything in stock.

    They aren't receiving shipments because the OEMs don't have product to ship.  Covid really hurt manufacturer supplies of clubs, balls and everything inbetween.

    Good to know. I was just shocked to not see a single ProV1 golf ball in the store. You'd think they would do everything possible to keep balls in stock right now.

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  4. Anyone have any insight on how Golf Galaxy is doing financially? Obviously they took a large hit through COVID but they were at an all-time low today...

    I went in to buy Pro-V1s and they did not have a SINGLE box of them... in their aisle of Titleist golf balls, they had 4 dozen ProV1xs. I have noticed recently that they are not receiving any shipments and wondering if that is part of a larger financial issue.

  5. I recently did one and overall I would say it wasn't entirely worth it. Working on the SAM Putt Lab is beneficial to learn a lot about your stroke, but from there, you essentially just try putters that match the recommendations of the SAM. Example: My stroke said that I should use a plumber's neck/flow neck blade -- with that I tried the Newport 2, BB1, etc...

    One major improvement I think they could make would be to have you back on the SAM once you narrow it down to 2 or so putters.

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  6. I truly believe that fittings can be extremely beneficial, but only in a specific setting. I had a driver fitting at Club Champion in August of 2019 and  was fit for a Cobra F9, with an Accra TZ5 65 shaft. Long story short, on the course I had extremely mixed results with it and never got in a groove. Went back to Club Champion, got a second shaft, and never really vibed with that either once I left the store.

    Two months ago, I did a driver fitting outdoors on the range with a local club pro and was fit for a Mavrik SZ and a Graphite Design XC-7X.  For the last two months I have never had more confidence in my driver and have consistently hit it better than any driver I have previously owned. All in all, my takeaway from these experiences is that I don't swing it well in a simulator environment. Getting fit outside and seeing the real ball flight made a huge difference for me.

  7. I have had mine for about three weeks and figured I'd share my initial thoughts..

    Typical Issues:

    - Getting off plane at top of back swing, typically close to crossing the line.

    - Weak flair right because of hands taking over and "flipping wrists" -- will also get hands "high" at contact

    PlaneMate Thoughts:

    - 100% helps with takeaway of the club - I feel like I am on plane without thought at the top now

    - Immediate feedback if you get hands high and flip wrists. Love the feedback here. My swing coach preaches swinging "low & left" through contact and it has always been a hard feeling for me to trust.

    - Definitely helps with continued rotation through impact.


    After using it for a few sessions, went out and shot a career best 74. Playing partners made the comment that they didn't see me hit a shot offline all day, and I'm typically good for at least a few of those wild shots. The swing changes are still setting in, as I played the day after my 74 and my swing felt all out of sorts. Overall, definitely the best training aid I have seen, and with continued use and practice, will help many golfers.

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  8. I got fit for the Mavrik recently by a club pro with Flight Scope. A few interesting findings with the Mavrik -- some of which might also be accredited to the shaft (GD Tour AD-XC 7X)

    1. Standard head was spinning similar to the Epic SZ head I was comparing it to, even when lofted up 3.5 degrees from the Epic SZ. The shaft in my Epic SZ is supposed to be a very "low launch/low spin" shaft (Accra TZ6 65X)

    2. Ball speeds and distance were VERY good on misses.

    3. Launched on average 3-4 degrees higher than the Epic with the Accra shaft. This is likely with the increased loft, but I was never able to loft up without spin going through the roof.

    Overall, I think the head looks awesome, sounds great (personally much better than the Flash), and provides really good numbers.

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  9. From your comments, I think the SZ was a better fit than the standard Mavrik. It sounds like with the ideal strike, your numbers are very good, and with heel shot mishits, the SZ will help to keep the spin number down. If you went with the standard Mavrik, those heel shots would spin very high and you'd likely lose distance.

    I would definitely take a one way miss over being able to consistently shape the ball both ways, as others have said.

  10. 22 hours ago, perseveringgolfer said:

    seems the overall opinion here and elsewhere is the 2016 M2 is the club to get, plus their stock shafts either Fujikura or Kuro Kage that came with it seem like a good match.

    I'll try and get a hit with one (think a friend has a 2016) over the weekend and see how it goes. Thanks all for the input, much appreciated.

    I have the 2016 M2 with a 60 gram stiff Fujikura shaft that I might be interested in selling if you decide on wanting one.

  11. The 2016 M2 in my opinion is the best driver Taylormade has made since it was released. I've never hit the 2017 M2, but people I know that have it, wish they had the 2016. I know many people like the M3-M6 range, but personally the ball does not go anywhere near as far off the face as the M2.

    I also think that the 2016 M2 is the best looking Taylormade driver. I have the 2016 M2 3 Wood with the stock shaft, and it isn't leaving the bag anytime soon.

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  12. 20 minutes ago, Maltenator said:

    Nice. I haven't joined a club simply because I don't have the time. I've played Federal back when it was semi-private. Can you do guests at the reciprocating courses? What is Westwood's home course since they don't have one?

    I'm a member at Independence over in Midlothian. If you're looking to join somewhere, I don't think there is a better deal in Richmond. It has to be in the top 3, condition wise, in Richmond right now behind only Kinloch and CCV's River Course.

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  13. On 8/22/2019 at 10:02 AM, RickyBobby_PR said:

    I don’t necessarily agree. While the shaft may supply the power thru loading/unloading it’s more of a tuning mechanism to optimize launch conditions. Getting the right loft so that launch is in the right window is more important. The shaft can then be used to tweak the launch and spin and feel. 

    I don’t agree that any shaft can be plugged into any head. I’ve been to several fittings and something like the hzrdus yellow has worked in a few heads but didn’t work in a couple others. Same for iron shafts. Kbs $ taper worked in some heads while not so much in others. 

    Completely agree with you. As you said, the shaft plays a part in optimizing the spin, but you definitely can't put it into any head. In my driver fitting recently, I had to move to a different driver head instead of replacing the shaft because I needed a head with a forward weight. The only three drivers that I could get my spin numbers optimal, even with a very low spin shaft, were the Epic Flash SZ, Cobra F9 (weight forward), and the Ping G410 LST.

    Shaft is important, but there are still differences between driver heads.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, GolfSpy Stroker said:

    I always found that interesting about club champion....they are a very nice facility and present themselves as a high quality professional fitter (as opposed to something like DSG) but the indoor thing was peculiar.

    It's like getting fit by a computer algorithm....there's something to be said about seeing how the ball flies outdoors, hearing the club outside, etc.

    But... a lot of really high quality places are doing it that way and it sounds like the results speak for themselves so I guess it works!

    It's funny you commented about the sound. I'd hit the Cobra F9 (driver I was fitted to) indoors multiple times at Golf Galaxy and then Club Champion. I loved the sound indoors, and when I hit it on the range it sounds completely different. That has actually taken some getting used to because it is very muted compared to my Epic that I was using previously.

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  15. I recently got fit for a new driver at Club Champion. While I can say the entire experience was worth it, the major flaw with Club Champion is hitting indoors on a simulator. I know that it is the "standard" to get fit indoors with wind conditions and other variables potentially affecting the fitting, but I hated not being able to see the true ball flight.

    The first time I hit my new driver on a range, the flight was not appealing. Definitely has taken some getting used to, and at the end of the day, it added 20 yards from my previous driver so I can't complain too much.

    As far as the actual fitter, he was very knowledgeable and was able to rather quickly get spin numbers and launch angle to where they needed to be to optimize distance.


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  16. On 9/3/2019 at 11:48 AM, MrKindness said:

    My buddy swears by the TaylorMade Gapr 17 degree. He is great with his long irons and bought it so he didn’t need to hit a driver off the tee box. If I was better with my long irons I would consider buying one as well.

    I have the Gapr Lo at 19 degrees. While it feels amazing if you consistently square it up, if you miss the center it will punish you.

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