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  1. No input on the ping program, just a HUGE Arccos advocate! Have began using for a couple seasons and out was great and getting better!!
  2. Joel Montague, MI No, currently hit foam balls in garage, real balls into field, or driving range Not yet
  3. Joel Montague, MI Taylormade M2 11 105 TSi2
  4. Currently have stock fujikara xlr8 56 on my 10.5 M2. Getting too much height and would like to lower my flight (yes I need to work on my swing part too). HZRDUS yellow 6.0 76g proved lower launch angle, lower spin...but looking for other options still. Also, I haven't hit the 63g version Thoughts?
  5. 1. 14 - West Michigan, MI 2. Mizuno - Hot Metal Pro / 8i = 155yds 3. Not more than I just read in this article.
  6. 1. Joel Smith, Montague, MI 2. Android apps with gear s2 and s3 watch, 3. Arccos caddie and gear s3 watch
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