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  1. I have been an avid Arccos for the past 4yrs, actually just checked,  I logged my first round on 03May2020.  Before Arccos, I tried several other app based systems,  but was very excited about the automation of the data collection,  and more importantly the caddie feature.

    I'm very accustomed to wearing a smartwatch when I golf,  and use it sparingly as the main interface is through my cell phone.   I have used a budget range finder in the past and would be very interested to utilize a top tier range finder,  against my Arccos system. 

    I play a lot of different courses,  and I always download and preview the course ahead of time.   My biggest gripe with the Arccos system is that it favors iOS and I'm an android (Samsung) user,  so I am forced to keep my phone in my front pocket,  or pay additional money to use the Arccos Link, instead of  my phone.

    I bought the Arccos system before it was subscription based, and I'm getting close to needing enough new sensors,  I will be forced into a subscription based membership,  as much of a fan boy as i am, I will look at all my options when I get to that point. 



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