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  1. I have some Vortex bino's and they are great. I expect the optics to be great, it will be interesting to see how the software and use interface pairs. 

    Vice Golf Irons


    Great opportunity to provide early feedback on new offerings.   I spend a lot of time hitting with my launch monitor,  this would provide a great comparison between my current iron set and the new irons from Vice 🙂

  2. Great opportunity!!  I am looking to get fitted for new wedges,  and then be able to test them with my launch monitor... this would be a fantastic solution 🙂


    PING S159 Wedges


    Very excited about this opportunity.  Last year I planned to get for for a new set of wedges, but put in an mlm2 pro simulator instead.  So this is the year for new wedges 🙂 and getting fit into a set of new Pings would be great!

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