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  1. Mike / Florence, AZ iPhone 11 I will be using outdoors only some at the range and some in the back yard into a net. Yes part time will be using a net.
  2. 1. Queen Creek, AZ with a 9 handicap 2. Srixon z765 AW-7, Srixon z565 6-4 with a 170yd 8 iron distance 3. I have never heard of the company, but the irons look and sound like something I’d definitely like to try. I really like having and using great equipment that is different than the big brand items. Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. Michael Alltop / Arizona Handicap 6.8 Current irons in Play Srixon Z765(AW-7), Z565(6-4) The carry distance of the your 7 iron is 180yds
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