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  1. John. Burlington,Iowa, United States of America Scotty Cameron Black Newport 2.6 I would love to game the Piper C. I absolutely love center shafted putters, and this one looks amazing. I'm very intrigued to see what kind of a difference a mid-mallet putter makes compared to my center shafted blade. The adjustable shaft is also a very innovative and useful option.
  2. My name is John. I live and play in Burlington, Iowa. My handicap is 4.2. My current(and long loved) irons are PING S56's. Thank you for this opportunity!
  3. John N. Southeast Iowa Yardage is usually obtained using the traditional sprinkler heads/yardage markers methods. Find the marker closest to my ball then step off the difference. Sometimes in 4 person scramble tournaments a partner will have a handheld device, which is very accurate and quick. Golf, just like everything else benefits from the development of new technologies. I'm a hunter, and I see the similarities quite frequently. To be efficient you need to be accurate. The more accurate you are, the more effective you can be. Being able to know exactly how far away from your tar
  4. John. Iowa/USA 4.3 Ping s56 165 yards
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