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  1. came across the UST PV 2 Black it looks comparable thoughts?
  2. I was wondering the same thing
  3. This is a great idea, just registered thank you so much.
  4. This is all great feedback, I was able to hit the non Tour Spec Atmos Blue and that held pretty stable at the tip as well. May try the Kuro Kage. Unfortuantely, Mizuno does not offer a ton in shaft offerings. Such a great head though
  5. Even though my SS isn't that high, I can get a little quick or aggressive with my transition, so a stiffer tip would be helpful. I will take a look at the Aldila range. Any experience with the Mitusbshi line? CK orange or Kuro Kage?
  6. So I was fit at CC for the Ventus 6R Red shaft in a Mizuno ST200, problem is the cost. Any similar feeling shaft that won't break the bank?
  7. Thank you for the detailed write up, this is much appreciated. Do you know any ideas of where I could hit the Sub70? Also, I would be needing more of a Cavity Back for foregiveness, not consistent enough to hit a blade.
  8. After 9 years with the Diablo Forged irons, I am considering replacing them. Looking to get a bit more distance, but more consistent distances off the face, especially higher irons. Problem is, there are not a ton of quality golf shops in the area that offer a variety of options, outside the major OEMs. Any suggestions on brands and models I should try? Does not have to be forged but I still want something that has a nice feel on impact. There seems to be so many great options, but limited in this area. Thanks in advance.
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