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  1. Thanks, I'm really looking forward to hitting these in the next couple of weeks, will be hitting them alongside some others but looks wise just from viewing the website they have really caught my eye.
  2. Some really good tips in here that i will also consider using. My current GIR stats are hovering around the 15-20% range which I atleast need to be doubling to increase my chances of better scoring.
  3. I'm torn between 919 hot metal or 919 hot metal pros, 970's and t200's (Could be swayed by Callaway apex's as well but currently playing Callaway and may like a change) Any opinions on these clubs?
  4. Played well yesterday shot an 82 on my home course which is a par 72, came second in the competition (2nd time this season). Lowest my handicap has been at 11.9 after starting the season at 14.3 so really pleased with how its going and feeling like making good strides all the time. Hoping for good weather before going into the winter see if i can get my handicap down some more.
  5. First Name/State or Country of residence John - Liverpool, United Kingdom Handicap 12.6 Current irons in Play Callaway XR steelhead The carry distance of the your 7 iron 150
  6. I've been playing Mizuno CLK 19 degree and have recently decided to put the 22 degree in the bag taking out my 4 iron.
  7. Thanks for sending your thoughts over also interesting that you've mentioned the hot metals as I'm definitely going to try them out.
  8. I've been playing Mizuno MP-X this season. Reasonably priced and giving me what I want from the ball.
  9. I feel like this will really help me with what you've said about the mental aspect of keeping level and getting comfortable.
  10. No doubt a good looking club but the profile for me doesnt suit my eye as much as the titliest drivers.
  11. Will keep you updated once I get a chance
  12. Two of my friends who hit the ball a long way have recently both put the cobra in the bag so very interesting that you prefer the TS over it.
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