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  1. Jesse / Warren, MI Currently using a PuttOUT mat with the PuttOUT pressure trainer. The PuttOUT mat isn't very good. It develops channels way to easily. I'd love to test the medium speed mat with cups at each end. It would be nice to see the difference between the Birdie Ball mats and the PuttOUT mat.
  2. Hello all, I'm in the Metro-Detroit area. I just started seriously playing in October of last year and became absolutely addicted to the game. My WHS handicap is currently 20.2. As for what I love about golf, what really grabbed me was hitting a 157 yard shot on a Par 3 about 3' from the cup at our company golf outing last September. Everything in that brief second of contact captured me. So a well struck shot, yeah, that's what I love most about the game. That feeling you get when you hit a great shot. I found MGS while looking for club reviews, probably the same as most.. The track I play most at is Rackham Golf Course. It's located right next The Detroit Zoo. It's a Donald Ross designed course. While renovations, and mis-management by the city has it lacking from it's former glory. The last year or so it's improved, and the greens, yeah, they're Ross all the way. I'm a purchasing director for a HVAC distributor here in the Detroit are. My user name is from an old Ice Cube skit from AmeriKKKas Most Wanted. Hit Em Straight, All.
  3. Jesse Warren, MI USA Cleveland Hunting Beach (Original) #1 The Ping ZB3. I have a putting stroke with a big arc, so this should in theory work well for me.
  4. Jesse / Michigan WHS Handicap: 18.1 Sub 70 699-Pro 5-PW
  5. Jesse Warren, MI Cleveland RTX-4 (48/52/56/60) 56°


  7. Jesse Dula Michigan Garmin Approach G80 / Bushnell Phantom / The Grint Garmin Approach G80
  8. Jesse / Michigan 19 Callaway Rogue 155
  9. Jesse Dula Warren, MI The Grint App for Android. Obviously technology and golf go hand in hand nowadays. I think it's great for people like myself just getting into the sport. The numbers technology provides gives today's players valuable information to draw from to make the necessary adjustments to improve our games. I'm definitely here for it.
  10. Jesse Michigan Odyssey White Hot #5 Frontline 4.0 (RH)
  11. Jesse/Michigan Handicap: 22 Current Irons: Strata by Callaway Carry Distance 7 Iron:. 147 Yards
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