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  1. Hello All, For anyone in the Metro Detroit area, a bunch of us over at the No Laying Up Refuge are having a huge charity event at Rackham Golf Course on 5/22/21. It should be a great time, and it's benefitting an absolutely wonderful young boy and his family. Here's a link for more info: https://refuge.nolayingup.com/t/maxamania-i-rackham-gc-detroit-may-22nd-2021-sign-up-post-4375/13811/4770 Please consider signing up and #GetInvolved.
  2. Jesse Dula Warren, MI Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 Tommy Armour Impact #3
  3. Jesse Warren, MI I walk 90%of the time. Clicgear 3.5 (That I will donate to the local First Tee of Detroit if I'm selected.)
  4. I picked up 4 dozen with the MGS discount code yesterday. Excited to get them out on the course this weekend weather permitting.
  5. Wow. Great stuff. I've been playing the Cut Blue because, well, I'm a cheap bastard.
  6. That looks great. The headcover and grip look sharp. Roll em' smooth!
  7. Pretty decent of them to do this, especially given the year we've all had.
  8. Indeed. I'll probably wait until spring to start using them. Given it's winter here in Michigan I won't be golfing much until then. Thanks for the reply!
  9. That's for the detailed reply. I appreciate it. They did not include the Link. Given I'm not keen on having much beyond a pitch mark repair tool and a ball mark in my front pockets while I'm playing I'm going to take a long look at it. Thanks again.
  10. A Ping Moonlite golf bag, and a Precision Pro NX9 HD Slope would be my dream gifts this year.
  11. I have 2 bags. I asked for a specific bag for Christmas a couple of years ago. The Misus checked my old bag and got me the Rogue staff bag based on my irons and hybrids she seen in the bag. I didn't have the heart to tell her it was too much bag for me. I have a Clicgear 3.5 and with the tour bag kit it actually works out fine. I bought the Sub70 bag because I received such amazing customer service during the process of buying the 699 Pros and a 699U 2 iron. I figured I'd throw them another purchase. I do need a lightweight carry bag, so I'm thinking the Ping Moonlite bag might be the way to go.
  12. Thanks. That's one of my bigger concerns. I'm not playing to enter tournaments and what not, but I do want to improve.
  13. (**Photo added for thread ambiance.) Greetings all. A little background: I'm a 48 year old purchasing agent in the Metro Detroit area that got into golf (somewhat) seriously in October of last year. This year I decided I wanted to establish a handicap and chart my progress. At the end of the season here in Michigan my WHS index landed at 17.6. While I want to get better, I also want golf to remain "fun", and not be too consumed with getting better that I forget why I started playing in the first place. Queue a month ago: I participated in a focus group with a few guys from Arccos via video chat. They were curious as to why I created an account (at the time I was gaming a Cobra F8 driver and 3 wood) but never went through with the purchase of the whole system. We went through the whole system, the app, and the available accessories. Long story short, they sent out a 14 club senor kit with a year free subscription. This is where you guys come in with your thoughts and opinions. I played 53 rounds this year, not including scrambles. That's probably what I'll average a year. Is that frequent enough that it will pay dividends? I'm a feel player thus far. I have a decent understanding of my distances and club gapping. I also have a decent feel for how I'll hit the ball based on how I'm feeling. Is the Arccos data strictly based on an average of your shots? Does it factor in shots that can be outliers? On the improvement front, how has the Arrcos system actually effected your golf game whether it's positive or negative? Given my situation, a 17.6 handicap that wants to get better but not at the expense of losing the fun factor is it worth it to try out? Is it a system I'm going to be constantly fiddling with on course so much so that it becomes a distraction? I want to incorporate some level of statistical data tracking into my game. I just don't want the tracking to become more important than the actual game. Thanks all!
  14. Ahhh, I wasn't aware of the signatures not showing up on the mobile version. In fact I never really noticed it, including mine. Lol. Color me absent minded. Thanks!
  15. There's no pic or listing of what's in your bag. How about some details?
  16. I normally carry between 4 and 5 brands depending upon where i play. My driver is a Ping, my 3 wood is a Cobra. I have a Sub70 2 iron. My hybrids are Callaway. I have 2 sets of irons (Sub70 & Callaway Rogues). My wedges are Cleveland RTX-4s. I have 3 putters.. (Scotty Cameron, Bettinardi, and a Cleveland) On any given day the make-up of the bag could be different.
  17. Fantastic looking set-up. Great pics as well.
  18. I'm absolutely positive those Miuras feel as amazing as they look. Great looking set-up!
  19. You're probably right about that. I'd double that bet to include MGS as well.
  20. A few more that I have not pictured above.
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