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  1. Brandon/Bothell, Washington 110mph TaylorMade SIM Max Evenflow Riptide Stiff Yes, I am currently playing the NS Pro Modus Tour 105 stiff on my irons
  2. Brandon/ Bothell, WA/ USA Odyssey O- Works double wide Tomcat 14 - I love the shape of this putter and have always had problems with alignment so I think the “runway light” alignment would help me. I’m also a big fan of ping putters but last years was a little to soft so I’m excited for the firmer feel. I also love to play around with different lengths in my putter to see what feels best, so the adjustable shaft is a major feature for me.
  3. 1. Brandon Bui - Bothell, WA 2. Yes - I have used the Garmin S20 Watch and various other golf gps apps on my phone. 3. I currently use a combination of my rangefinder and my gps watch. I’ll use my gps when I want to find the distance to a layup point, hazard, bunker, basically anywhere where I can’t get a rangefinder to accurately measure distance. I use my rangefinder when I’m hitting my approach shot to the green since many golf gps can’t accurately measure the exact distance to the pin.
  4. Brandon / Washington, United States 9 Callaway Steelhead XR 160yds
  5. Brandon/Washington Fujikura Speeder 565 Evolution 105mph I would like to see my launch come down a little as I have a really high launch, and of course more distance. I do have access to a launch monitor
  6. Brandon B - Bothell, WA I currently get my distances from markers in the ground. I feel that there is some technology in golf that helps. For example range finders and gps. But there is some technology that manufacturers tell consumers just to get them to buy their products and are just gimmicks.
  7. Brandon / Washington Handicap - 11.5 Current Irons - Callaway Steelhead XR 7 Iron Carry Distance: 160
  8. Brandon - Washington Odyssey O-Works Black #7 Putter 12.5
  9. 1. I’ve been playing golf for most of my life and did The First Tee when I was younger, I got serious about golf about 3 years ago and I am currently a 12.5 handicap. 2. I love golf because it was something that my dad and I did together when I was growing up, and it was fun spending time on the course with my dad. I also like how golf teaches about life skills that will be beneficial later on in life. 3. I came to MyGolfSpy because I wanted real reviews that I could trust, and that weren’t just lies to sell a product. I am also interested interested in testing products to see if they meet what manufacturers are saying about their products so people aren’t buying products with high expectations just to be disappointed. 4. I am from Bothell, WA. My home course is Mill Creek Country Club, but I like to play any other course in the area when I get the chance. 5. One of the best things about golfing in Washington is that in the summer it’s not too hot to golf, but that also means that the three other seasons here are rain and cold weather. 6. Currently I am a student 7. I picked my username, Booya, because it’s a play on words of my last name, and my friends always yell it when I hit a drive.
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