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  1. After re-reading the instructions for the entry regarding requirements, I wanted to take a more in depth shot. My name is Chris from Yorktown, Indiana. I’m a 15 handicap; I’m working really hard to be a single digit player. I play about twice a week and practice 2-3 times a week. I really love to practice the short game with my favorite being pitch and chip shots. I enjoy putting as well, I’ve been struggling with that as of late. For the last 5 years I’ve used a SeeMore Z3C (face balanced at impact) putter and liked it really well due to the alignment aids it incorporates. I never much cared for the feel, but liked the results. This year as well as late last year, I’ve struggled big time. I track my putts, averaging 40 putts per round, prior years were 30-35. I’m planning to ramp up my putting practice and have thought of trying a putter with some tech built into the design. I would love the opportunity to put the EvnRoll ER2B in my bag (committing to it immediately) tracking the progress I make. I work in sales and love to help people make good, educated decisions. That, coupled with my UNHEALTHY love for golf, makes me a good candidate to help all of us that rely on MyGolfSpy to educate, motivate and overall improve our games one stroke at a time. I would love to allow my passion for the game to help others. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Chris Yorktown, Indiana 15 handicap I would love the opportunity to test the ER2, currently have a SeeMore Nashville Custom Milled Z3C.
  3. Chris from Indiana. I currently use a SeeMore Z3C Custom series milled, I’ve had this putter for 5yrs and I’m thinking of trying the er2
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