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  1. Ordered a Odyssey Bird of pray putter that I got yesterday and rolled it indoors on my puttout mat, really loved it except for the grip that I will replace to a Superstroke grip. Will take ut out today or tomorrow on the putting green and try it some more in real conditions before I change the grip though just in case something weird happens and I want to return it.
  2. So I finally feel that I have my 2020 bag ready and done so here we go: Driver Cobra king F9 10.5 3-wood Titleist 915F (4h Cobra F9) 4-Pw Cobra Forge tec 48, 52 wedges Cleveland RTX4 (both bent 2 degrees strong lofted) 56 wedge Cobra Pur (60 wedge Cleveland RTX4 (bent 2 degrees weak) Ball Srixon Z-Star XV I started with 50, 54, 58 wedges but with my new irons the gap from Pw to Gap wedge were too big so I bent all my wedges but since the 58 only have a bounce of 9 that would mean a Sw with 7 bounce so opted for a new 56 and bend my 58 to a 60 instead. The hybrid and 60 degree is both in parenthesis because one of those need to stay in the car to keep it to 14 clubs. I think the hybrid will be the one to go out of the bag, last round I played the 4i went just as far as the 4h. Still a bit more confident with the 4h but with some work and more playtime with the 4i I think I will need the lob wedge more then the hybrid. Picture is from before I bent my wedges so the new 56 is missing.. Will try to get some more pics soon.
  3. We celebrated midsommar (midsummer) here in Sweden this past weekend. Big celebration for us so me and my GF and one other couple rented a cabin right next to the ocean. Me and the guy from the other couple went to play some golf on a nearby course that was challenging for a first time player. First of all there was a max at 220 yards on the range.. So no warm up with the longer clubs.. and a lot of blind tee shots and blind approach shots. The hardest hole of the course for me was the the one with the picture below.. First of all everything slopes very heavily to the left with out all the way.. Secondly the tee and green is about level with each other with a big creak in the middle so you need to keep the tee shot left and the approach high with a lot of stop on a blind green.. But all in all a nice round at a beautiful course.
  4. I love em! Just feels great on contract like that. When I miss it a little I still get good distance. I still have to get used to the new distances (a few yards longer) but so far I love them!
  5. Did some impact practice today with the new Irons. Also bombed some drives in to the woods over the range fence
  6. Yea I love the look and they are so comfy and stable. Picked them out of the box and right onto the course and it felt like I walked a round in my regular sneakers just so comfy!
  7. As I wrote yesterday I thought that I would be lucky to get the clubs today, but 30mins after my post I got notified that they had arrived! So I naturally picked them up on my way to the course for a round and they worked just so well right away! I do love them. I also got some new shoes to match!
  8. Half an hour before I was heading out for a round yesterday I got a call that my new forge tec irons arrived! So of course those came along with me for the round. I do love how they feel and how they perform. Even first round out they worked like a charm! Unfortunately not much else worked for me.. It was a late round so the roll on the greens were horrible and a lot slower then normal but after a few holes the putter worked as well. But the big stick went left, way left.. probably more left then I have ever hit that club before and that was with me for 4 holes before I put that back in the bag for the rest of the round.. Wedges, bunkers and chips all went down the toilet so a horrible score.. But super happy that my irons worked so well after 20min warm up with them!
  9. I agree, I love the modus 120. Got a set of forge tec on the way with the modus 120 shafts. That just felt right the first time I hit it. I could not control a single ball with the standard KBS Lite shaft.. The balls were just all over the place but with the modus 120 I had a nice little baby draw with every shot. If I am super lucky I might get them tomorrow but most likely some time next week. The ship to the club so I can´t track the package
  10. Some really good suggestions here. Thank you guys! I think I have an idea on how to move forward when my new sticks finally arrive.. can´t wait.
  11. So I have a new set of iron incoming in a few weeks. I did a fitting and know what that said my carry with 7i was. Since I don´t have a launch monitor I´m just curious how you guys figure out your distances with a new set of clubs? I find that just going to the range is not optimal since I find it hard to know if the ball lands 165 or 175 if I have a flag at 150 and another at 190. Also at the range the range balls will of course not be my regular gamer so yea.. Going to an empty course and hit a number of shots from a certain distance is not optimal since finding an empty course in the middle of summer is not that easy around these parts. I do have arccos so I will in time get a good idea on what my total lengths will be but that will take a couple of rounds at least to get a good idea on all the clubs. So what is your go to way to find out your distances? I know some courses in my area is offering to rent a launch monitor for around 50$/h is that worth it?
  12. I push and I´m 30, all my golf mates also push and they are all 25-35. It just makes golf easier on your back, I started out with carrying but tried a push cart once and have not gone back more than a handfull of times (In the winter months here in Sweden a lot of courses ban all carts to be more gentle on the course). I just feel it will allow me to be more fresh for every golf shot and also quicker, I can prepare with my club or rangefinder while walking and at the same time take a sip of my drink of choice. While when I used a carry bag I would need to set the bag down before being able to prepare for my shot.
  13. Did a Iron fitting and got fitted with Cobra Forge tec with Modus 120 stiff shafts, 0.5" long and 2 degree upright 4-Pw so I ordered that on the spot. Just felt really good after a while. I now game standard length/lie so the difference took a few strokes to feel right but yea really happy with that setup. Also I noticed a huge difference between the stock KBS Lite shaft and the Modus shaft. Just could not get the timing right with the KBS. Now I just have to wait 4 weeks for them.. Will be some long 4 weeks. They apparently ran out of forge tec heads.
  14. I will see if I can get those in there as well. Thanx for the input! As for handicap I see that it is not up to date. Currently at 16 but yea I agree on the 585, been looking at those as well.
  15. So I am going to go for an Iron fitting at the local store. I plan to try the forge tec, i500 and P790 for sure but looking for input on clubs in that same style that I should not miss out on trying while I´m there. Would love to try a Mizuno just not sure what model.. I will ask the fitter of course but would like your thoughts on clubs that should not be missed during my fitting. This will also be my first Iron fitting so any suggestions on things to remember or look closer at is also much appreciated.
  16. When I started playing golf last year I always got nervous when playing with anyone. Worse with people I have never played with but even more so with people that I know but never played with before. Only time I did not get nervous was when I played solo. However this year I got first of all fitted for a new driver so I have quite a bit more confidence from the tee in general but I also realize that playing with ppl is part of the game and I have gotten used to it. Just do you and it will work out.
  17. From the little I messed about with the caddie function that is pure crap.. First of all it takes no regards to trees and things like that, so very often it wants me to cut a corner over very tall trees. That aside, it gives me really weird combos, like Drive, lopwedge, 6 iron on a par 5 or PW of the tee on a par 4 to then hit hybrid to green. So that feature is not something I use rarely at all.. I have messed about with it on a new course I never played before to get a lay of the course before playing but when I get there I don´t use it for play. For improving I look at what area my handicap is higher then the rest and work on that part. I would suggest to wait a few rounds, and get around 5-10 rounds in before you see a clear picture. Also looking at hole specific stats on my home course is really nice to see what holes I struggle with and where I should probably play a bit more safe and what holes I usually score well on and focus on picking up points on those. That way I can make a better plan for that course.
  18. I have been using Arccos for close to a year, I too got mine free with a club purchase so I gave it a go. I´ll start with the not picking up a shot, that happens to me about 0-3 times per round nowadays but it was worse in the fall so I am ok with it. If I go by my self after work and just do a quick 9 or 18 I usually look at my phone when walking to the next hole and make sure my last shot was registered and sometimes I mark where the pin is. But when I play my regular game I just start the app on my phone and watch and don´t touch it for the rest of the round, I play my game and note the score on a scorecard, on paper or a different app in my phone. I then go look in Arccos after the round to see if the score match up. I take a quick look and add a shot if needed and I do that kind of general and don´t care if I put it a few yards of. Same with putting, don´t really matter to me if the flag is in the correct spot or not, when I have double checked it a few times the flag is often within a few yards since I guess someone else at my course do it so I don´t have to. Would really love to just push a button while I pick up my ball, maybe with the Link. But all in all, I still get a pretty good idea what part of my game that is in need of work and that is good enough for me. Also the distances of each club will be good enough as well since its a mean of every shot so if I put a shot 5 yards short, it will not matter in the statistics.
  19. I really need to get back to taking on course pics to add to my updates.. Oh well, had my best round by far yesterday. Shoot an 85 which translates to a -9 round with my handicap and a big jump in handicap as well. From a 18.6 to a 16.2 so really happy that my game is going better and better. Been having a few good rounds but always a few big mistakes at the end to mess with the score but yesterday I managed to keep the ball in play without penalty a single time, and only 1 bunker and that was a fairway bunker on a par 5 so not too hard to recover.
  20. I am looking to get a putting mirror to work on my shoulder alignment and eye position. Here in Sweden there is not a lot of options. What is your opinion on the different style mirrors, I can find one where you put the ball on the mirror surface but in my mind it would be better with one that has more of a slot for the ball. Just not sure where to find one where you can also see shoulder position. Any ideas?
  21. Thank you for all your input! I think you all have valid points. Yesterday I had a putting practice with a pro at my club that told me I open my shoulders a lot compared to my feet and hips and suggested I try to close the shoulders a bit to be more on line. I also tried one of those eye putting plates where you scrape the putter along a metal surface to feel the stroke, this also showed me that I often push my putter out away from me in my follow trough. When I then removed the metal thingy and only used an alignment stick and thought about those 2 things I drained putt after putt. Sure some of it was probably because I putted the same putt a ton of times but it felt a lot better. Will for sure work on those 2 things on my own with alignment sticks.
  22. Was out this weekend and played a quick 18 holes (3h 3min round walking!) in some tough conditions (or so I thought). Winds were around 20-30mph the hole round with some rain on and off. We did know it was going to be very windy but the rain was not in the forecasts and the first round came of course when we were 3 holes in. I do not own any rain gear and only have a wind jacket, so got kinda wet. We did play the full 18 after a quick discussion at hole 9. So still during this weather I got a -3 net round in! Best round of the year and probably last year as well. Did not grab any pics but it was a fun round and I am glad I got out there. Also, I have signed up for 2 competitions during this season, both being the kind where you have 3-4 weeks to get your match/round in since one day competitions is on hold for the time being. The first competition is a 5 round stroke play at 4 different locations and the first round has a deadline on May 31. Today looking at the forecast it will be heavy winds and a lot of rain the coming 10 days.. was planing to get that round in next weekend but I guess we might have to hold of just a few days and hope for ok weather at least.
  23. So my last 3-4 rounds has been horrible when it comes to my putting.. with averages around 2,2-2,6 putts per hole this has hurt my total score very much. Missing a lot of short 3-6 footers.. Last season I considered my putting to be one of my strengths and during the winter I used a putting mat every other day or so. But now that the season has started for real here in Sweden the putting practice has gone down. So time to grab a hold of that. I will try a few drills I found online but here comes my question that has no clear answer I guess but looking for your thoughts. I read everywhere that a good preshoot routine is key before every shoot including putting, when on a course I always start with marking my ball, stepping back to read the green, I pick my line, focusing on a spot a few inches in front of my marker and line my ball to that spot. Now that I have my line I go up to the ball, getting in position and then make my putt. The line on the ball does not wobble usually so that is not a problem part for me, the read is usually ok I think but the speed is often wrong witch in turn changes how it follows the line or not. So speed is what I need to practice starting with 2-6 foot with the clockdrill for example. So if I steep out to the practice green, how much of my routine should I do before every putt? For example lining the ball upp every putt if I plan to putt around 50-100 putts every session would be very time consuming, and if I do the whole thing I guess it will take so much time that the number of putts will suffer. What are your thoughts on this? How do you practice your putting?
  24. I use both a range finder and gps in my samsung watch (via arccos). I think they compliment each other nicely. I can shoot the distance to the pin or hazard with the rangefinder and with my gps on a par 5 I glance at it to see if I have the chance to get to the green in 2 or not. Closer to the pin I use the rangefinder to get the exact distance to the pin, and if I can't see the green very well I use that number with my front/middle/back on the watch to see if the pin is close to front or back to adjust accordingly. Also I use it on the range to verify the distances from my exakt spot as the flags/distance markers can differ quite much depending on what spot on the range I stand at.
  25. Quick update on my issue. I have to admit I was wrong, it was actually the friction between the insole and shoe that made the noise even if it sounded like it came from the strings. I always use special insoles in my shoes and simply changed my golf insole for my regular insole and the noise was gone. Thanks for the input everyone!
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