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  1. Shorts yes. Pants absolutely NOT
  2. I think this is where a fitting helps. Unless you're absolutely married to a specific brand find what works for you. My bag: Callaway Epic Max 10.5, 3 wood, 5 wood Ping G410 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid Titleist T300 6-GW Vokey 52 / 56 wedge Evenroll ER2 Ball: Snell MTB Black
  3. I had to replace the FootJoy Pro SL's I had for years and thought I'd give the Sqairz a try. I only have one round with them we'll see how they work for me after a few rounds. Here's my first impressions: a bit heavy but the larger toe box makes for a comfortable walk. I'm finding going back to spikes takes a bit of getting used to. Are they more stable than the SL's, a bit. Added distance....no.
  4. I tried a 60 with varying degrees of bounce. Hit it thin or fat. I grew up with a 56, learned how to be creative, open or close the face, ball positions depending on the shot. I’ll stick with the Vokey 56
  5. I was fitted for the last T300 irons and love them, hitting one less club thru the bag. I can't imagine how much better this version is!
  6. Wes Redwood City, CA Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle Would love to test the Ketsch. I've gone back and forth between Evnroll ER2 and the Tuttle. I know, two completely different types of putters and I love the ER2 but the three alignment lines on the Tuttle has improved my putting.. The Ketsch being a mallet style with the three alignment lines is intriguing and looks promising...but only a hands on test will tell. I play the Snell MTB Black but I'd have to wait and see if a firmer ball (MTB X) is better suited for feel with the Ketsch Wes
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    Wes - CA EVNROLL ER2 Midblade 12
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