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  1. For those that are interested...I called TM and they said they had heard of Instagram DIY folks heating P790s up. According to the guy I spoke to, the speed foam will not melt as long as it doesn't get red hot. I may do it, but I'm leaning towards not. I'm not a metallurgist so I have no idea how the metal will feel and react after a quenching/hardening cycle.
  2. I guess all of this stay at home stuff has finally made me bored to the point where I want to dick around with some clubs I have. I currently use Ping glide wedges in smoke, so those are a no-go. Here's a thought. What about a P790 UDI? It's one of the only clubs I have that doesn't seem customizable at all. Do you guys/gals think that oil quenching would melt speed foam inside it? What about a raw finish? Bored. Send help!
  3. I have the Hzrdus Smoke green. It’s ok, but definitely not “built” for me. If you’re looking for something a little more playable then I’d go for the Sim Max driver. It doesn’t have adjustable weights but I’ve never really messed around with mine anyway. I was going for the lower spinning model.
  4. Ha, blame Apple portrait mode. It has a mind if it’s own.
  5. I’ll get some graphite shafts out into the irons at some point. I’ll have to get a fitting done for them. But yes, black shafts would be sick. I can’t pinpoint one thing about the 3 wood. It’s feel, looks, distance, control and reliability/confidence off the deck and from the tee. I’ve owned Cobra woods F7 and F8. Every Callaway you can imagine. Mizuno. Titleist 910, 915 and 917. Ping G, G400 and 410. Ironically, this is my first TM fairway wood and it’s incredible. It has a stock blue Ventus but I can’t imagine anything else would be light years better, possibly launch but it’s fine as is.
  6. The 3 wood is the best one I’ve ever owned. The driver is not much different than the M5. Only a slight color difference and sits a little more square. It’ll be a lot better once I get fitted for a shaft.
  7. SIM Driver 9* x flex - stock shaft for now Sim Max 3 wood x Flex - stock Ventus but I like it Callaway XR pro 3 hybrid - Aldila Tour Blue x flex - I had an old Apex headcover so I rolled with it Callaway Apex Smoke combo 5-pw - Nippon Modus 120x Ping Glide 2.0 black 50*, 54*, 58* - Nippon Modus S flex TM Spider 34” - Robert Mark Golf headcover
  8. Hey guys and gals! I realize this may not be the best spot for this, but it seemed the most logical. Back in 2018 I, along with a couple of other folks, developed an app for Google Pixel called DUBL. This allowed us simultaneous use of both the front and rear facing cameras on a cell phone. At that time, only Google allowed such a thing. When iPhone released the 11 we were able to take advantage of this same code and move it over to the iOS platform. We launched DUBL a couple of weeks after the launch of the 11 and have other things in the pipeline. I took a video below a few days so that you can see its use. I’m certainly not trying to imply this is to be used 100% of the time, but a cool concept nevertheless. The current app is free on the App Store so please go download and give us your feedback. Thanks in advance for taking a look and helping out a fellow MGS member! EDIT: Forgot to clarify - You’ll need an iPhone newer than the iphoneX for this to work.
  9. Just so we're clear, this is a post about a putter and not about my game....You'll see. For the last few months I've been contemplating getting a new putter. I was playing with a TM Mini spider for about year and for the most part was very happy with how it rolled and the overall performance. Within the past month or so, I've been messing round with other putters at various stores just to see what else is out there. I recently traded in the Mini Spider and bought a TM Ardmore 2 patina. The thing is absolutely gorgeous and feels great. I love the fang style and the old in me really likes that it can pick up a ball. Last night I stopped by a local shop that carries used equipment to buy a different shaft for my driver that they just s happen to have in a staff bag. While they were putting a Callaway sleeve on I spotted a putter that looked somewhat familiar but I haven't seen it in years. It had these crazy bars on it and had grooves that looked like Evnroll grooves. Sure as shite, it was a Rife 2 bar mallet. Ugly as hell. I started putting around with it and was sinking everything. It felt like the Caddyshack priest! I couldn't miss! I thought to myself "surely this thing is a small fortune. They have the keep the lights on" I looked at the price tag...$50 freaking dollars. I looked it up on Google, $200 freaking dollars! Ummm sold! This thing looks fairly new. I had the day off today (lucky me) and went out to a local muni that has some fairly decent greens. First hole, I hit a nice approach. Nothing too amazing. I drain it from about 20 feet for birdie. Alrighty...So the round goes on and I knew I was playing pretty well but I try to never add up my score as I go along. I've psyched myself out too many times doing that. Anyway, I get to 18 and hit a really good drive and knock it to about 15 feet with a nice look at birdie. Make it. Added up the score and to my surprise, I shot my personal best 66. (-5) I guess I'll be taking the Ardmore 2 back for a refund and taking the wife out to a nice dinner with the proceeds. I used the MGS methodology of if you hit something that works while you're shopping just buy the damn thing. Here's hoping this old girl holds together for a while! I'll be on the lookout for a backup soon.
  10. I played in a 4 man best ball tournament yesterday from the Senior tees. 5400 yards. It was a total joke but the money was for charity, so it all worked out. 3 of the 4 in our group were low single digit. The longest we had into a par 4 was 55 yards. The longest shot we had into a par 5 was 145. We drove a couple of par 4s. We finished the day at 51. It was a hell of a lot of fun at least!
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