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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if more than half of you have been following me on IG for years. I dont hide. I knew what it would be like to share my 2 cents about this here on MGS but thought Id give it a shot anyways. Cheers,
  2. Where in this message does it talk to just the "bad" influencers? There was direct intent to publicly damage a small brand here. My question is why? No need to keep feeling intimidated by this, just a simple answer needed.
  3. Just go back 3 posts on IG to see MGS call out the entire golf influencer community and a specific speaker brand. For what? A post like that was meant to get this type of reaction from us. A "reputable" company should be a little more responsible with their messages they send out to a public community. There was no reason to provoke and call out such a large and important group of people who only want to grow the game of golf. MGS needs to stick with what they know and not dump on everyone else. And honestly if you can dish it, you need to learn how to take it. CK
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