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  1. if you get the place and want to meet in the middle, lets play a round together! Dude! the goonies were filmed there!
  2. A break down of how my swing is coming along. Biggest takeaway , my takeaway I need to feel like I am bringing in majorly inside for it to be neutral. Then need to feel my lead arm get vertical, then pump and feel my right shoulder rotate around my spine. I still need to feel a little more downward hand action in transition to shallow. I’m getting there and it looks a hell of a lot better than three months ago.
  3. Range work and some simulated holes. Driver strikes were great but realized I’m early extending. I just need to keep grinding on drills with my coach to get my mechanics better. Irons started rough and then got better during the hole simulation. Then ten minutes on the green just working on lag putting and using only ball.
  4. also, Callaway has 50% trade in bonus right now if you go Rouge ST
  5. I am seeing this pop up again. As well, when i was at my bank, their wifi was blocking the forum due to suspicious activity. Might want to look into it.
  6. so is basically 2 Apex UW for the price of one with a trade in of a super hybrid
  7. Your birthday you get a 24% off coupon. Beginning of year have a blowout sale. Around majors usually a sale and of course Black Friday.
  8. Same course as last week, three shots better for a 47. Putter was great today, everything else meh. cons: weather was wicked. Drizzly wet then the winds picked up on the last 4 holes. Driver was not great today really only had two good drives but one of them ended in a side hill that I had to punch out. I guess pitching could have been a little better. Hole 5 sucked. Solid drive but clip a tree and only went 150, then side lie punch out I hit to down on it and it went right into the hill. 2nd punch out ok. Then pull 8i out from 140 (was up hill and wet) and pulled it left (story with my irons today). Then poor pitch back onto the green, poor chip and two putt 8, ugh pros: decision making was better today. Didn’t force any thing and kept ball in play (played the same ball). Putting was 180 from last week. 16 putts (including a 3 on the last due to aiming slightly off). Nearly drained a 25 ft putt from fringe on 1, a 35 ft on 2 that lead to a tap on par, drained a 25 ft par on 4 down hill with right to left break, 5 nearly drained a 27ft for triple, 6 nearly drained a 18 ft for par, 8 after bad distance on a chip and having to chip again drained a 24ft for bogey, 9 nearly drained a 55ft putt for birdie and off course missed the 8ft for par ugh. greens were also at an 11 stump. Last week a 9. Overall a fun morning, a good challenge and I feel myself getting better and enjoying the game more
  9. Same course as last week. 3 strokes better (47) despite hitting less fairways and inconsistent iron play. Will give a more detail in breaking 90 thread
  10. Phil is out of the PGA Championship. Will he ever play in a PGA event again?
  11. Well a glimmer of light showed up last night, in context with a friend of ours, she made the proposition that, 18 holes with prior notice is ok once in a while
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