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  1. For me I compared it to my 21° uw and my 4i. Provided better tee game than uw and filled the gap my 4i couldn’t hit.
  2. Such a wonderful opportunity. Like mentioned mgs is so great for this. I am contemplating now as I could use more forgiveness than what my gamer gives, it’s just I wouldn’t be able to take it to the course for a couple months.
  3. This was a fun one to test. Thanks for the recap Jamie!
  4. Fantastic range session today. Worked on torquing the club head behind me in transition starting from slo motion swings up to 100%. Was able to get one full speed even. IMG_9154.mov Driver did the same kinda work then did some simulated holes. On putting green did chipping and then some start line work with my teardrop.
  5. Does the core version do the club face control drills too? I don’t wanna ditch my coach for hack motion but it sounds like for the cost of three lessons it would give me a life time of feedback.
  6. you guys are killing me. I gave a list to my MIL and my wife so i guess I have to wait for what they get me. tried to hint at the sales going on
  7. According to Cam Champ, it falls between the LST and Max in terms of spin. Sounds like he will be gaming it this up coming season. https://golf.com/gear/drivers/cameron-champ-ping-g430-max-10k-driver-rsm/
  8. Had a live lesson with jayson today. First time hitting golf balls in a month. Mostly foam balls or just slow recording work until this. Backswing is looking really good. New task is focusing on the torque of my trail hand to stop it from torquing in the wrong direction. Just a different way to feel the move and it works well for me. Swing video is like at 30% speed
  9. It went great. I think we actually hit our goal which is all we could ask for. It was a fun memorable night.
  10. Good morning all. The time change in the US happened at a good time. I needed an extra hour to recover from our preschool auction. What a fun night it was. We exceeded our fundraising goal I believe and I got one of the top items for my daughter, a game night with her preschool teacher. I drove the price up because I knew another parent wasn’t gonna be outbid, the teacher agreed to do a second game night after I dropped and I matched the winning bid. I am still coming down from the high of all the emotions in the room from that. It was amazing. I didn’t win a round of golf at a semi private club but that’s ok. It had stipulations that would have made it hard to use it. Overall a fun time and a great way to give back to an amazing school. As a bonus, my dissertation suit from over six years ago still fits.
  11. I’m with chris of driver all day. I’d aim at the right trees and hope to draw to the middle. The trees are 220 out from the gold tees. It’s an intimidating shot if you don’t do your homework before I would imagine
  12. Thanks Kenny. I am thinking of this place. https://booking.launchhouse.golf/ For $100 a month I would get the following which also means I could go on the sim at 5:30 am for an hour of practice, then the gym and then back home to get my daughter ready for school. The early bird rate is $16 an hour with a membership.
  13. Good morning all. Had to skip the gym today flu/Covid shots kinda knocked me out. Need to look for a new indoor place to practice. I told my wife about my setup in the house and she got upset again (even though this one is actually the safest setup I’ve had).
  14. Excellent Topic. I love @GolfSpy_APH idea but I would have paralysis by analysis. I would either say a Full driver fitting (never had) or a true L.A.B. fitting with the best shaft possible.
  15. List: new shoes. I tore my gamers up this year. Still usable but barely pair of golf pants 6 dozen left dash (or tour x, not picky) a driver fitting a lesson pack with my coach on Skillest a putting mat unlimited range pass until spring at a heated range
  16. Too cold and darker to practice outside. Worked on slow swings inside with foam balls. Also did some low point/ground contact work with small swings. Because I stayed inside was able to do this for 30 mins. The grind of the off-season is in full force. If only I had a good setup to practice putting inside
  17. 20% off through today on select clubs. 15% on irons and shafts. Trying to resist 20% a g430 max https://store.golfclubbrokers.com/
  18. Got ten minutes outside at freezing temps before my daughter woke up. SLO mo swings and 25% speed. Then for the last hit a full swing that with the foam ball started right and drew to my target line. Slowly getting there.
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