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  1. The player: Current gamer - Bridgestone B330RX Handicap or Ave score - 100 7 iron carry distance with current ball - 145y Trajectory - Mid Putter - Wilson from my starter set I bought when I first started playing. I've got 2 balls I've tried out this year and wanted to give my feedback on both. The ball: Bridgestone Tour B RX Distance - Less (inconsistency) Trajectory - Mid Spin - release some Feel - Soft Durability (1 round) - like new, only played 4 holes with them the first day. Went back and played a full round with them about 2 weeks later. Rating - Casual - If I lose my other balls during a round. Notes or writeup: I'm a causal golfer, I play about 10-15 times a year, just to give you an idea of my game. I've been playing with the B330RX's for about 2 years after trying out a number of balls. I always liked how they felt of my irons and driver, and I felt like I've been the most consistent with them. The B330RX where always a little firm around the green and anything under 100 yards. They run up a little much for my liking, but I got used to them and would just play a little bit shorter. The Tour B RX where a lot better around the green and those short yardage plays, but that was about it. Off the tee and out of the fairway, the ball felt way softer and I was way less consistent with the ball, yardage and accuracy. I have a good draw to my swing, I'm right handed, and I found myself further to the right in most shots that I would have like to have been. Most of the time I was in the rough or against the tree line. The ball flew off the face to the right like normal, but it would never come back to the middle. The ball would just go right off the face and then stay there. I had really high hopes for this ball after using the B330 series for so long, but it feels like a completely different ball. Too soft for my liking with my driver all the way down to the middle irons. And the flight path was never really consistent like it was with the B330RX. The ball: Bridgestone e12 Soft Distance - Same Trajectory - Mid Spin - Hop & Stop Feel - Mushy Durability (1 round) - like new, 2 full rounds, lost a few of them. Rating - Won't game at all Notes or writeup: I tried a set of the e12's after doing the ball tester on the Bridgestone website. The first 2 holes I thought that I may have found my new go to ball, but I was sadly mistaken. 2 rounds later and I gave my remaining 3 sleeves of these to my buddy who likes them. These felt really soft off any club, and it's not something I like the feel of, but I thought it made my game better, then I'd give them a go. Off the 3rd tee they really started to show their teeth to my swing. I've never seen a really soft side-spin as much as these did, and have the weirdest flight path I've ever seen. The flight was great off the face until about 75% through the shot, and then that last 25% made no sense to me. They came out a little bit lower, then rose to normal height which had a good draw, then coming down these suckers started to hook and hook fiercely. If I aimed down the middle, the ball would land left middle of the fairway and either roll to the far left edge or into the rough. I noticed myself in the 2nd round with these, aiming towards the right side of the fair to get them to stay in the fairway, and sometimes that wasn't even enough. And even in my short clubs, there was a ton of side spin. With my 8 iron on 2 par 3's around 125 yards, both balls landed in the center of the green and then rolling off the left side of the green. I've never had this much side spin in such a soft ball. I thought after doing the ball test thing on the Bridgestone website, it would give me the correct ball, but those aren't for me. Final Thoughts: After using Bridgestone for a couple of years, I thought I had found my brand of golf balls, or at least series. I haven't gave up on the brand yet, and have a few different series of balls to try out my next couple of rounds. I've bought 1 sleeve of each of the following to try: Bridgestone Tour B XS, Bridgestone Tour B RXS, and Snell MTB Black. I will give my feedback on those after a couple of rounds.
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