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  1. i wanted to put my 2 cents since i didn't see much love for the cs based putters.

    putting is all individual we all know that, with a club that's responsible for half of your strokes  if u want to be a par player u can't escape putting 36 putts and lower to achieve that ,

    i have the x tour spider center shaft and it helped me taking my putting from 36 to 29is per round and i kept stats for months between  a bunch of different putters with l neck twist neck double bend etc , seems like for my cs is the answer since im very low almost table top style of putter.

    surprisingly not to long ago i tried the marxman o works with s neck ( full on arcing stroke type putter ) and i hit it as magnificent as i am the tour spider..

    next ill game it for 7 games and compare the stats .

    i think knowing ur putting style and finding the right putter is a lot more simple then people think it and i really am against the whole "go to the shop and just pick one up that u like and sits well with ur eyes " i mean that really not a way to approach it now is it?

    start with putting stroke arcing or not, then pick putters that are fit for that style of putting and pick lets say 4 of them, at the store take a bunch of 8 footers and just compare the 4 diff putters.

    take the 2 best ones and just game them on the course and pick stats. 

    i like to go for 7 rounds with a putter and collect data such as how many 3 putts i had and average per game , and then do it all over with another putter. this is great for building confidence.. now all i have to do is hit the driver and the apache and there u have it ( easier said then done we all know that )

    as long as ur average is 1.8 -1.9 a hole tho u can't ask for much more really  so there u have it.


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