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  1. Thanks, appreciate the response
  2. I'm in Australia and I've had an unfortunate incident with my cobra forged tec. Two clubs have cracked at the hosel and I'm currently in a robust discussion with cobra about rectification. The whole thing has annoyed me no end and I've basically started to think about just replacing them. I'm interested in the 699s I'm a reasonable ball striker (hc22) and iron play is my strongest trait, but need a little forgiveness. What big brand would these be more akin to? 0211? I210? I can't really demo so I'd likely pull the trigger and hope for the best! Any help would be very much appreciated!!
  3. General Sales Tax is 10%. I think a lot of the price increase is the labor costs but also profit margins are very high. The frustrating thing is when deals are done stateside....it would be nice to share that love. Heck even $300 AUD a club is a good price?!
  4. About $2300 aud for the P790 equivalent. I get the capitalist sentiment...but the difference in pricing even with exchange rate from USA to AUD is too much. It's so much affordable for you guys. That and the lack of offers that you get stateside..
  5. I got a couple of quotes today down under. Both with Nippon 950 GH PXG 0311 GEN3 4-GW $6600AUD about $4700usd PXG 0211 4-GW $3800 about $2700USD I nearly passed out when I got the numbers. That's simply unobtainable for so many and a bit rich given the 0211 has been on offer in the us for $95 USD a club. Anyone else been flabbergasted at equipment prices? Thanks
  6. I tested the P790, Forged Tec and i500 and preferred the forged tec. Just slightly more forgiving than the p790 for me and given where my swing is at I went for the Cobra. Was actually a big decision for me as I tend to go for Mizuno, Ping and Titleist. But I actually hit them really well and the stock shaft actually worked for me better than non stock during the fitting. I have to say I'm really impressed with Cobra. They are making some awesome gear and don't seem to get the credit they deserve.
  7. Hi guys, I find the different soles rather confusing. I'm after a 56 and a 60 wedge. Would like a wedge that can get out of all types of sand and a wedge that I can open the face and play a flop or some gentle caressing shots. I have had a look at my local club and online and still can't fathom whether to go the thick sole high bounce for bunkers at 60 and an eye2 grind at 56? Any advice much appreciated.
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