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  1. Oh he’s still good. Crap for him. I’d absolutely roster the heck out of him.
  2. I mean I want him, just not at a “Rory Freaking McIlroy” pricetag haha. He’s proven he’s not that guy so far this year. To @Apolloshowlpoint, he’s actually not a top ten guy anymore either. Extremely talented and could pop at any moment. Could also end up in a Spieth spiral. Golf!
  3. This showed up in my Facebook feed this morning... I remember there being a bag tag thread, but couldn’t find it. If anyone does please connect the two! @tony@CIC I remember you being part of the thread. It is a keychain, but could work as a bag tag of sorts! Here is the link to the Facebook store. https://m.facebook.com/commerce/products/4039814166069186/?rt=54&referral_code=shops_pdp_share&marketplace_referral_story_type=shop_pdp_share_deep_link&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fmarketplace%2Fshops%2Fitem%2F4039814166069186%2F&_rdr
  4. Idk. Sounds like you’ll miss a lot of insta contests...
  5. Fortunate to play Spanish Hills Club in SoCal today. Irons were working, and I ended up with an 83. Low round since back surgery, felt good to make some shots out there today!
  6. Anyone else feel like @xOldBenKenobiX needs to apply to be a content hunter?
  7. You definitely cannot replace the batteries on the sensors. I purchased the link mainly for the benefit of being able to mark where the flag was easily, and so I can “attend” meetings from the comfort of the golf course. I’ve gotten used to having my phone in my pocket, so that was never really an issue for me. I find that the link does not work as well at picking up shots as the phone does. I’ll typically check my phone every few holes to make sure everything was picked up. Even with the phone I’ve always had to make some adjustments around the greens. If she has a smart wat
  8. Couldn’t get to the top, finished fourth. Congrats @Undershooter!
  9. Try intentionally missing inside the ball followed by a swing actually hitting the ball. I started the season hoseling everything. You’ll work your way out of it! If all else fails, watch Tin Cup for pointers on curing the yips.
  10. You need to learn to shallow the club. Tour Striker Planemate works well for that. There’s also some drills where you set up obstacles to miss during your swing. You likely extend the arms and they get too far away from your body.
  11. I am also willing to part with English. Basically willing to part with everyone but Hovland and Wolff.
  12. I think he’s saying don’t make an offer that includes both.
  13. My guys crapped the bed this week so far. Had four make the cut, but early signs don’t point to two of them making any upward movement. Let’s go Hovland!
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