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  1. Oh, I’m sure they do. I just haven’t seen it personally. I also only know two people playing the TR.
  2. I know a guy who snapped two Ventus black. Haven’t heard of the TR snapping.
  3. I’ve always wanted to try curling. It seems like a ton of fun, and is likely way harder than people think.
  4. How are you going to handle a month without them?! Kudos to you for being able to do that man. Idk if I’d make it.
  5. I still can’t believe they traded Mookie.
  6. I once got a lesson from a guy that played on tour who said if you hit balls or play once a month or so, you won’t get markedly better. You need to commit to practicing intently on all aspects of the game to improve. Pay attention to weaknesses and work on making them strengths. I play with a guy who is a club champ, and if you watched him swing you’d have no idea how he shoots low. His biggest advice is to learn how to manage the game within what you can do. Par is a great score, and bogeys aren’t bad. Doubles are killer. Getting out of position is based on a desire for birdie that you just aren’t getting, or trying to save par when that ship has sailed (we were talking about high school golfers who can keep the ball from slicing like a banana). I find I’ve gotten down to an 11, then stagnate because I don’t keep practicing during the offseason. I’ll climb back up to 13, then get down to 10 or so by the end of season. Dedicated practice will be the only thing that gets you to the finish line.
  7. This is such an awesome story of getting into golf. I’m not sure anyone will top this. Priceless.
  8. Late to the game here, but I’ll throw my two cents in. I came for the testing opportunities, like many. They’ve been lackluster of late, and as I scroll through the latest threads looking for where I might add a post I find myself not coming across anything of interest to me. I like contributing to threads where people are asking or sharing advice on the game or on equipment. Frankly, anything else is not something I’ll end up on a golf forum for. I do enjoy the community aspect. @xOldBenKenobiXis just a wonderful human. Perhaps something that can improve the forum is boosting that aspect. I liked the stuff that was started with the GRINT, and would love to become friends with more people on that app. Perhaps some just for fun formats that involve people across the country teaming up to play some golf and talk some smack? It’d lead to discussion about rounds/shots/equipment I think we’ve gotten away from. Because this is a relatively small community a lot of us have already helped one another learn a lot and without a new stimulus injected the conversation just becomes a bit flat and redundant. Without new opportunities for testing, and enough to both feed the forum faithful and the newbies, it will be tough to grow the membership to allow a crop of new golfers to benefit from the forum experience and reignite old discussions. Sorry if this comes off as a bit pessimistic, I’ve found myself logging in daily and just not getting excited about a lot of the threads. Which stinks. I miss finding reasons to talk smack with the likes of @GolfSpy_BOS, beyond his fantasy golf standings looking eerily similar to that of the Red Sox…. And to hear more club ho stories from @dlow206
  9. Crazy how this ended up. I was so stoked to do this review. Really turned out to be a bust.
  10. Picks are in! Went with a very hodge podge group. Here’s to hoping they come up clutch for me!
  11. The Mach E has “unbridled” mode, which gives the sound of a Mustang GT.
  12. What @yungkory said. You can have them turn on to cool themselves off. It’s the loudest I’ve ever heard a Tesla. While driving you can also set how loud you want the car to be. They used to be silent but recently that was made illegal so now they have various levels of noise determined by the driver.
  13. While off? They turn themselves on to keep the car cool.
  14. What is this $5 you speak of?! I paid $6.31 yesterday…
  15. The up front cost with EVs is definitely a tough pill to swallow.
  16. I’m torn on this. I feel committed so I want to see it through. I also could have purchased a Model 3 back in February when I placed my order and would have taken delivery within a week. So I’m kicking myself for not doing that, but I wanted more of a crossover style and the Model Y is a bit too pricey. Seriously considering checking out the new Hyundai.
  17. The hold up on my Mach E is apparently the automatic park assist… I know how to park just ship my car damnit!
  18. I have had the sync for about 4-5 years now. It works great with the push cart or on a riding cart. The only issue I’ve had is that the zipper on the range finder pocket broke recently. Otherwise it has been a great bag.
  19. The used car market is ridiculous. I’m going to be able to sell my 10 year old Hyundai Sonata for $10k. That definitely helps soften the blow of the upfront EV cost.
  20. I will say, my golf clubs came with me to look at EVs. The Mach E was one of the few I could fit my bag in without taking the driver out. It was a must have the my wife graciously supported. Perhaps if golf courses start installing charging stations that will help with the “what to do” question…if I owned a driving range I’d for sure throw some charging stations in. “Honey we’re getting low on charge we need to make a quick stop for a large bucket”.
  21. I do worry about the range. I’m hoping that by the time we replace my wife’s car there is more of what you’re talking about and the range can be extended. Once you factor in AC and multiple people/belongings the range dips significantly. The Mach E will be a commuter car for me, so I’m less worried about range while we still have a CRV for longer trips.
  22. We have an order in for a Mustang Mach E. We live in SoCal and have solar panels on the house, so with gas prices it makes a ton of sense for us. I agree with @Shankster, I am looking forward to self charging cars!
  23. What are the odds I just came here at 3:50 am to post about bringing my daughter home for her first night and this thread was here?! I am a few months behind you Jaime, but it’s been a wild ride so far. No clue how people parented before google. Urate crystals? Who knows that?! I am looking forward to so many things in my daughter Kelia’s life, but for now I am enjoying that she is damn cute.
  24. Exciting! Not sure why I get my hopes up for these, I always do well until Sunday.
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