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  1. Keep the five wood, use the savings to play more golf!
  2. I coach high school golf in the area of SoCal GG is based, and had a kid who had him as a swing coach. And I had the distinct pleasure of coaching against Matt Wolff. One common element, they can all mash the ball.
  3. Congrats! Which modus shaft did you land with?
  4. If the ball flight is consistently a draw, bend them 1-2 degrees flat. You can always get the lie angle readjusted after getting lessons. I’d also recommend looking at his posture. Is he too far from the ball, or too hunched? It might be he needs to creep in on the ball or stand up straighter. If he looks like a sprinkler spreading the ball all over the place, start with lessons.
  5. Modus 120 is great for aggressive swings. The Modus 130 is the highest launching shaft in their Tour line though. Might be worth giving that a shot. @RickyBobby_PR is right about the loft different. I went and did a gapping session with my p790s and weakened some of the lofts to get my descent angles better. Distance definitely isn’t a problem with those irons. Srixons are great if you have a steep angle of attack, with their v-sole helping add bounce. Given their dominance in Most Wanted testing, there’s nothing like a mizuno. If I didn’t get a fat discount on my Taylormades I’d be playing mizuno right now!
  6. I have p790s and have only noticed a difference in distance with off center strikes, which means it is likely something in your swing that can be helped with the right shaft and by getting lessons. Based purely on your swing speed, I’d say the 105s were too light for you. Getting a little bit heavier shaft will help you control the club head more throughout the swing. If you’re swinging 120mph with a 6 iron (faster than tour pros), you likely want to try some x stiff options. I’d double check the swing speed on a launch monitor at your Golfmart if they have it. Typically low ball flight isn’t an issue if the shaft flex is too low. It’ll usually balloon on you. Can you either post a video of your swing or describe how you load the shaft? Use some foot spray on the club face and check your strike pattern. Is it consistent? Kind of all over the place? Those things would help make a recommendation.
  7. Hired a company called synthetic turf systems, and they were awesome. Turf is 1.5” polyethylene blade, putting green is polyethylene fiber that they pack with a ton of this coated sand to get the fibers to stand straight. It’s rolling at an 11-12 right now, which is awesome. Had some mild elevation change and subtle break I’ll have to get used to. Maintenance isn’t too bad, if the dogs pee on it too much I just rinse it with simple green outdoor cleaner and it’s good to go. Once every two years I pay $75-$100 to have them come put more sand and roll it again. If it gets too quick in the meantime I just hit it with a push broom and it’ll slow it down. Company put the same surface in Hank Haney’s backyard.
  8. Dogs love the turf and I love the putting green! All in all a successful project!
  9. Interesting video from the guys at TXG dropped today. Numbers look great with the Maxfli, I was just not a fan of the overall feel during our ball test. Solid ball though!
  10. Completely random here, but if any of you wonderful people are ever looking to downsize your collection and have some pretty decent stuff, I know some high school kids who would put it to good use. I coach a high school golf team in Thousand Oaks, CA, and if you saw what some of the kids were trying to put into play for matches you would have fond memories of your childhood when your grandpa played those irons... PM me if you're interested!
  11. Putting green goes in next Thursday. Will post pics. So pumped!
  12. It’s all about the bend profile. Modus 105 has a softer tip. It’s sneaky hard to control a club with a soft tip. The KBS CTL has a stiff butt section, so I imagine you’d feel it loading more in your hands which could give you a feeling of control. I love the modus 120. Super stiff tip, mid stiff middle, firm butt. Controls the club head really well, making it easier to square the face up more often.
  13. Getting fitted for irons might be one of the greatest experiences ever. It’s like Harry Potter wand shop good. You’re going to love it and it’ll lead to huge increases in trust when you go to his a long iron into a green. Everyone should get fitted. I wish I could get fitted once a week. It’s like drugs.
  14. If you have a stand bag, put it just to the right of the stack of range balls with the opening facing you. Take an alignment stick and put just enough of it in the top sleeve that it keeps it there. Don’t hit the stick on your takeaway or downswing. Mess around with distance and height to find the sweet spot. You can also double down and put a range basket upside down in your swing path to prevent you going outside in. If it’s helpful, I’ll post a video.
  15. On the bright side, every year you don’t achieve this goal it’ll get easier and easier to do!
  16. My number one goal is to play golf pain free. I’ve been dealing with some lumbar spine issues, it can get pretty bad. I just got a steroid injection today, I’m starting PT next week, and I’m committing to losing some weight. I want to enjoy the game I love to the max!
  17. Research your local PGA chapter and see who pops as coach of the year. Ask around the bar at the course and see who people recommend. Sometimes the course pro is the guy to go to, sometimes they’re not worth the money. Honestly, Groupon can be a good place to start too. Sometimes they have great deals for multiple lesson packs.
  18. You can certainly work on not releasing your hands so early. That kills distance. You need to hit through the ball. YouTube has a ton of great drills you can do for this. Club should not be releasing like this. Don’t get handsy. Getting handsy too early gets you in trouble in golf and with the ladies! You’re also collapsing your back leg, sapping all kinds of power. Lessons will make a huge and pretty immediate impact. Not a difficult fix with focused practice.
  19. Can you post a slow mo video of your swing, from the back and side?
  20. What kind of shots are you hitting with them? If my understanding is correct, wedge shafts are designed more for non-full swings and more for the in between shots.
  21. I agree completely. Swing speed is just a starting point.
  22. Everything I’ve come across has always said it should be higher than that. There’s a lot more to the feeling of stiffness that the flex rating. Have you tried hitting heavier stiff shafts? You could also be playing something with a bend profile that just doesn’t line up with your swing at all.
  23. Based on your irons being all over the place my guess is you rarely square up the driver. Not knowing what driver/shaft you have or, as @jlukes said, your ball speed and spin numbers it is difficult to say where you’re going wrong. For all we know, there is a ton of back/side spin and that’s completely killing the ball speed. You could consistently be missing off the heel or toe, which would do the same thing. I disagree with @TimoTe, I don’t think you’re at the bottom of X flex. Having your best driver speed at 106 is firmly in stiff. You need at least 4-5 more mph to get xflex, which is a lot. My recommendation would be to get lessons. Getting fit for a new driver while still spraying your irons all over the place would be a waste.
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