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  1. Jon Rowayton CT +2.1 Titleist 620 MB T100s Reviewing irons for a second set, and love the idea of a T100 with a boosted loft.
  2. Jon Rowayton CT and Ft Myers FL (winter) Pro V1/ Pro V1x and ZStar/ZStarXV 95 mph
  3. Jay Snowbird: Winter FL and Summer CT Current Putter Stable: Evnroll ER7, Cleveland HBC 6, Scotty 5W and Pro Platinum Del Mar 3.5 Elevado Slant Neck 34” Really love the new Cleveland putters. I don’t think a few years ago I would have ever imagined saying that. The HBC 6 has been a great putter for me this last season, excellent sound and feel, comfortable, confident and reliable in every aspect, right down to the OEM grip. It’s rapidly replacing my Del Mar that has been my solid gamer for years. Just picked up the TFI 2135 6.5 and had the best putting round score of my
  4. Jon (hcp+1) Summer in CT, Winter in FL 100 mph ProV1/ProV1x and Srixon ZStar/ZStarXV I’d test either or both Tour and TourX.
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