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  1. Hi my name is Jackson Koster. 1. I live in Redwood Falls MN my current handicap is 8 2. Current irons Srixon z785. 8 iron carries 160 3. I first learned of Jason and Sub 70 a little over a year ago when i was looking at new irons. I was intruged by the price and quality of sub 70 and love the idea of playing a brand that not as many people know about. I ultimately decided not go with sub 70 as i have never hit their clubs so it was tough to pull the trigger without actually ever hitting or even seeing a sub 70 club. Absolutely love the black finish and the look of the 69
  2. Anyone know if Bridgestone runs the buy 3 dozen get 1 free campaign that Tmade, Srixon, Titleist typically run? And if so anyone know if they run it about the same time as these other manufacturers? Thanks
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