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  1. I just replaced my 2010 Callaway Xforged  this year  with Apex 2019.  I use iron covers on them and to be honest, the 2010s were in great shape.  Other than the fact that these are a club stronger loft, I really do not see much performance difference.  So no need to replace unless your grooves are shot (IMO) or if you have a change in swing speed.  I change Wedges every couple years when I notice spin is decreasing on pitch shots around the green.

    Unless you are someone who needs the latest and greatest, I do not see a need unless some amazing technological improvement comes out.

    Same with Drivers - I switch every 5 generations of Taylormade drivers to take advantage of technology off the tee atho I see no virtually  change from my M3 to the Sim2 so will probably stop there since I am 66.  Swing speed is still around 100 and handicap still around 5

    I got both the irons and driver as a retirement gift to myself 

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    • Explain why you chose the model you did and what you'd hope to get out of them performance wise
      • I would LOVE to put a set of Cobra Irons in my bag and be the envy of my golfing buddies. These look AWESOME.  Lofts match up with my current set, so I do not anticipate any problem in distance changes.  Hope to drop these in this season and drop thta handicap back to where it used to be (under 5)
    • List your first name/city state (US Only entries)
      • John / Reading, Pa
    • What current irons you're playing
      • Apex 2019
    • Handicap
      • 6.3
    • Will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them.
      • Absolutely


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  2. to me, the chrome soft is VERY soft compared to the TP5x.  I think the TP5x may be a shade longer but its all about what you feel more comfortable putting with.  Either one works, they both bite fine.  Somewhere someone posted a golf ball comparison, and if I remember the new Bridgestone was the longest.   Cant remember where I saw that, it mught hav been on MGS

  3. 3 hours ago, HDTVMAN said:

    Your less expensive area would be Orlando. Lots of terrific courses, like Grand Cyprus, Disney courses, RTJ Jr/Sr in Celebration, and on and on. The most beautiful was Palm Desert, although I was there in May, playing the TPC Stadium, Indian Wells, & Silver Rock was fun. San Diego is my favorite with Torrey Pines 1 & 2, Aviara, Maderas, and so many more. Weather in all locations should be perfect, although Orlando can get rain. Check Hotels.com and Tee Off.com and see what deals you can get. Air fare into San Diego and Orlando should be similar, depending on where you depart. Personally in February I'd take San Diego. However, first of March I'm going to Vegas to play for a week...TPC Sumerlin, TPC Las Vegas, Bear's Best, Angel Park (2 Palmer courses), Coyote Springs (1 hr NE Nicklaus course-magnificent), Siena, and on and on. Good Luck!

    Agree on the Orlando comments.  Add Hawks Landing, Crow Creek to affordable options.  

  4. I had tried using the preprinted mark years ago, abandoned it after lousy results and then read an article on golf digest that most people actually aim for more break than what they thing they are.


    So I went back to using the mark on the ball, played for a little more break and finally got it.....I never looked back.

    I NEVER uses sharpie, the line is never as clean as the factory line.


  5. M3 440 driver with an orig Grafalloy Blue stiff. 

    R15 3 wood with an orig Grafalloy Blue stiff.

    3 and 4 hybrid, TaylorMade SLDR  

    2019 Callaway Apex irons, 4 thru PW 

    Sm5 Vokey 52 and 58 wedges 

    My favorite driver of all time was my R580 with  Grafalloy Blue X (until I was 59). Kinda wish I had kept it.

    My irons were 2009 xforged until this year.  To be honest, I think I hit them better than the Apex but I just got them a month ago and I had the old ones  for 10 years. And I really liked my x14 pro series, except for chipping.

    Putter has remained my Odyssey white hot number 7 that I got brand new.


    Swing speed has declined from 108 to 98 so I have lost 25 yds off the tee and 2 clubs with the irons.  But have kept the handicap at 6, up from 3
















  6. 13 hours ago, Headhammer said:

    I've never played Pursell Farms & you can't go wrong playing Ross Bridge, the jewel of the trail, twice. You could drive south to Montgomery and play The Judge at The Capital Hill Club, which has 3 courses. 

    Agreed, judge and legislator we're both really nice

  7. I can tell you that on the simulator the r11s was the first driver that went further than my r580, which I bought when they first came out.  At that time my swing speed was 108 and I had a Grafalloy Blue x shaft.

    I've since moved up to an M3 440 driver and my spin rate is around 2500, and but moved to a Stiff instead of X shaft since my swing speed is now around 98 to 100.

    Bad news is that I'm 65 now instead of 45 so I'm hitting it 20 yards shorter than I used to, I seem to lose about 5 yds a year since I turned 60

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