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  1. It’s an interesting design concept. I tried one of the mallets at Golf Galaxy with a gravity grip yesterday. It felt pretty decent, but for some reason I can’t keep my hands from being open at impact with face balanced putter and mallets.
  2. How are you liking the ER2?
  3. Just set mine up for the monthly donation! Love the site
  4. I’ll have to get a more “lefty” picture this weekend when I’m on the course. I though I was going to get another round in on Monday, but my buddy bugged out on me at the last minute.
  5. My buddy swears by the TaylorMade Gapr 17 degree. He is great with his long irons and bought it so he didn’t need to hit a driver off the tee box. If I was better with my long irons I would consider buying one as well.
  6. I feel the same way about Golf Store putting greens. I usually spend about an hour with a putter in there before I’ll decide on it, and then when I practice with it for a few days I could feel totally different about that putter. I’d love to do a real putter fitting sometime to make sure I actually get the putter that’s best for my stroke.
  7. Trevor / Florida Handicap: 18 Current Irons: Ping i20 Carry: 153 Left Handed (if it matters)
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