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  1. Last golf until this blows over..
  2. Just took the dive with the Cobra F9 One length irons, 4 hybrid, and a F9 3wood. Let the experiment begin!
  3. I’m struggling with the same thing on my er5 right now.. I just would hate to destroy the grip if I don’t like the next one better.
  4. Don’t tempt me! I just got a gift card to the golf store and I’m trying to be smart with it.
  5. The yellow ones definitely are!
  6. Nothing better than getting golf balls for your birthday! Doesn’t hurt so bad to lose free good balls!
  7. 50? That’s like winter gear weather down here!
  8. Gotta love golf on Saturday! The new hybrid was phenomenal. I adjusted the loft lower and made it more draw biased, and I am in love. It has a nice piercing ball flight and great sound at contact. I used it off the tee on a few holes, and I think I’ve found my safety club when I don’t want to hit driver.
  9. New addition to the lefty bag today! Hopefully I’m going to get to whack it on Saturday
  10. That, and he is built for relaxation!
  11. My pal Deckard in his natural state.
  12. I keep thinking the whole “technology” and “design” thing is going to win me over.. but I can never find anything that I putt better with than a blade with a plumber’s neck.
  13. Unfortunately, no. That putter slot is the thing that is constant flux in my bag right now.
  14. I’m getting closer to taking a photo while I’m actually on the course.. I completely forgot again until I was just about to load up my car. Beautiful weather out there today! It was nice to not feel like I was playing golf inside of a microwave for once. Sad news is that my favorite golf shoes finally died..
  15. It’s an interesting design concept. I tried one of the mallets at Golf Galaxy with a gravity grip yesterday. It felt pretty decent, but for some reason I can’t keep my hands from being open at impact with face balanced putter and mallets.
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