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  1. Wouldn't it be the center of mass located very tight to the center of the blade face? Hatchet vs a horseshoe to create a more stable flight. Top of the line clubs are targeted at top of the line players. So, all things being equal (ball, wind, face groove depth, etc) if Iron Byron was charged with shaping a shot, it doesn't seem unreasonable that a tight blade would perform better than that of a big cavity back with perimeter weighting. I'm referring to small, incremental changes to swing path and face orientation, not the huge banana ball I can hit with my CB clubs.
  2. Yes, that and clubhouse responsibilities make it a tough to see him regularly. The club fitter does offer video and data capture, which I think will be helpful. He also said he has some coaches that he can recommend. This guy is my 3rd. The first one was a clinic type thing with no individual flaw correction. The second guy was also tough to see and constantly tried to tell me I was out of lessons when I paid for more...got the sense he was trying to rip me off. This third guy is great just tough to see. I finally broke 90 under him and first HIO. I know where I am giving up strokes...not shocking...tee shots (penalty strokes or heading left on a dog leg right), chipping/pitching (not close enough) and putting. I keep some notes of my rounds on the scorecard. Like, 5/2 for score and putts. Left, right or down arrow if I missed the fairway. Check mark for GIR. Last round was comical army golf. The round previous was a tale of two nines; front nine were misses right, back nine were misses left.
  3. Interesting. I could pick @McGolf 's brain for hours. Unfortunately, he is about 3 hours away. Fortunately, there is another golf digest fitter about a 9i from my home (John Dranschak - Dead Solid Perfect golf) if anyone has any feedback. I'm playing sort of a mixed bag right now. TM R-15 driver, Adams 3w, Wilson staff progressive iron/hybrid combo 3h-pw, Cleveland CB-16 52deg, Top-flite 56 & 60 (when they were owned by Callaway). I am a basket case right now...I like the local pro I've taken lessons from but he is hard to see. When I do see him, it exactly like when you take your car to the mechanic for that noise...you know where I'm going with this.
  4. Link? I've been playing for a few years but thinking of getting fitted. I'm still a high handicapper with HH swing flaws so being fitted seems like it will likely only factor out ill-fitting clubs (if my current set is indeed ill-fitting).
  5. Detonator


  6. Thanks for the invite. I'm going to pass since I'm playing a comical brand of army golf right now. I've only gotten out about a half dozen times this year and while my game, in general, is tragically inconsistent, this year is something especially terrible.
  7. How long? I played a few times growing up but started really trying to learn the game/build a swing in 2012. I've broken 90 only twice...I'm currently a 22, down from a 36 I guess. Love? The lifestyle, being outdoors, the attempt to get better at a frustrating game. What brought me here? I like reading about equipment and tips to get lower scores. From? Central Ohio. I don't really have a home course. I play relatively open courses to work on my game typically. Best and worst? Hard to say what the best thing is. The worst thing is winter. Living? I had a long career in national security/defense. I left the company for a small tech start-up and ended that after 3 years. I'm remodelling our house and will find something after the major portion is done (after golf season....shhhh) User name? I used to blow s*** up.
  8. Portland traffic is real. We also played Langdon Farms, Chehalem Glenn, Huron lakes Greenback, and the severely fun par 3 tracks at McMenamins Edgefield. I left a lot of strokes on those courses...in exchange for some incredible beers.
  9. I was on a business trip to your great state a few yrs ago. I got to play Camas Meadows. It is a bit of an odd layout, even with the cart GPS we got turned around more than once. Overall a fine facility...nice clubhouse with good food, nice heated practice area, reasonable green fees. The course drained fairly well from the downpour it got right before our tee time. Being from Ohio, it seemed hard to find a bad golf course in Oregon/Washington.
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