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  1. Hi there! I am playing my first 9 hole beginner tournament on Saturday and I am nervous. People who compete here do not have a handicap and are beginners. I am nervous of topping the ball or something like that lol! But I guess the others are more or less same level. I manage to hit good shots but sometimes I get some surprises. Which advice would you give me to enjoy this?
  2. Not linked to the company. Just a beginner golfer here. Was doing research before buying since I am from Uruguay. I wish I could make it to the course more often but currently I just can’t. That’s why I was searching for some feedback on these golfing aids.
  3. Hello there! Since there aren’t near ranges where I live and courses memberships and fees are expensive, I have searched for alternatives. Found the famous Birdie balls and the Almost Golf Balls and yesterday I came across this new ball: Sci-Core practice ball: here’s a link to a video of them: https://youtu.be/sjVC1mCJEF4 I have to admit they look good at least. They seem to be similar to the Almost Golf Balls. Has anyone from this forum tried them? Would love to see your reviews and experiences
  4. Hello from Uruguay! a small country in South America where golf is not that popular, but we have a MacKenzie course over here! Currently I am 23 years old and a beginner golfer struggling to practice and improve! Unluckily there aren’t too many facilities, so I got some Birdie balls and I am all they way to go!
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