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  1. Hi all, Brand new, in wrapper left hand tour issue M6 4 hybrid. Specs can be seen on the sticker in photos. Comes with Miyazaki tour issue X flex shaft. Looking for about $225 OBRO + shipping. £200 shipped if in the UK. Item is based in UK, so if shipping to USA, can ship head only. Shipping estimated at about $50 for whole club, or $35 for head only. Happy to discuss. Sean
  2. At least 39” S Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Let me know what you have! S
  4. Preferably Gen 2, but will consider gen1 in VGC for the right price. Shipping is to UK, so also happy to entertain head only deal.
  5. Slightly disagree with this. Some people just feel the difference very acutely, others don't - I think it's a brain thing rather than a golf skill thing. I feel small changes very clearly for whatever reason, and I'm by no means a skilled golfer. Though that may be a factor of having been fit properly and know what it feels like when it's "just right", so becomes pretty obvious when it isn't.
  6. You say low risk, but I put one of these in, and the screw stripped when I went to remove it (first use), so have a degree of wariness/care when taking it in/out. Made me a little nervous drilling a slot in it to remove with a standard screwdriver (power drills in delicate places is a large part of my job as a neurosurgeon as well!)
  7. Oban CT115 are actually the shaft I have in my gamers - total gamechanger for me. If I do decide to ever game these if they don't sell, I will switch them out
  8. Hi all, It pains me that my headcovers don't match! I'm looking for: 3 wood and 19 hybrid in black with red stitching headcovers Alternatively: Driver, 19 hybrid, and putter (blade type for mustang) in black with white stitching Can trade any of mine, or pay. Thanks! Sean
  9. Honestly not sure what they charged mate - these were a limited run of 500 sets in 2016 - and I managed to get an unused set from another forum (can't be many left!). I have the wedges that match these and are currently still in production, and I paid about $250 per club for those, so I'd guess somewhere around $200 a head before build/shaft costs.
  10. Yeah, they're great - it's the club colours of both of my courses (Frilford Heath and Royal Cinque Ports), so had to get them when I saw them!
  11. Thanks man - they've been a major labour of love over about a year, however, almost as soon as they're done, I'm probably going to have to move them on unfortunately (who knew a new kid was so expensive!?) Will be doing my best to hold on to them and hopefully game them at some point (I've set myself a target of 5 (UK HC) before I take the plastic off!).
  12. I don't bother taping anything off - any melted plastic is very easy to wipe off the metal (tape would cause friction with this technique) I put acetone on some fine steel wool and wrap it round the ferrule. With the butt resting on the ground I spin the head with one hand whilst pinching the steel wool round the ferrule and spin it (around the club's long axis) until the ferrule is flush. It looks a bit untidy at this point - the first ferrule close up picture. Then I use a bit of acetone on a cloth to clean up in the same way (wrap round ferrule and spin head). This gets the ferrule flush, but it is not smooth. I then use a very fine grit sand paper to buff it all flat (second ferrule picture). Wipe it all down with a bit of mineral spirit, let it dry. Then use a blow torch (small kitchen type one) for about a 0.5-1 second on each part of the ferrule until it shines (finished pics). I've overdone it a bit with the blow torch and it bubbles, if this happens, let it cool, then re-sand it, then refinish with the torch. You may prefer to polish the way you do from matte, but I quite like the shiny effect from the heat. The disclaimer I should probably make is that I've sort of made this up, but seems to work!
  13. Me too not sure I can bring myself to hit them!
  14. Hi all, Just finished up a new build, finally got round to these ones! Tried out a new method (to me anyway!) of hand turning and finishing ferrules - let me know what you think! I've included some intermediate and finished photos of this. Best Sean Heads: Epon Personal 2 Shaft: Shimada K's 8001 Ferrules: Boyd BLade & Ferrule Co Grips: Lamkin crossline
  15. Got a hold of a protractor and can now check lie angle or ensure I'm measuring using the 60deg standard. Obviously need a bit of a clean up, but it does the job! S
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