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  1. I would love to hear this question if a pro on tour. How do you feel about a guy who takes FOREVER lining up a putt. Looking from all directions. Standing over their putts for a long time. Then missing by 2 or 3 feet left, right or long or short. Not inches. FEET. I'm just a schmo playing 3 - 4 times a week with buddies but I can't stand this. How does a pro feel?
  2. I own a Titliest cart bag with 15 holes with one being oversize for the putter.. I have 14 clubs and a ball retriever. There's a umbrella holder on the outside. Laugh all you want about the ball retriever but I play premium balls and if I can recover it from within reach of shore.... I will. Until I'm under contract with Titliest for a lifetime supply of Left Dash's, I'm fishing for them.
  3. Oddly enough, I've always been conscious of the ball I play both playability and feel. Back in the 60's I played Top Flights. Through today as I play the Left Dash. I decided on the Left Dash beginning of summer and the 2021 ball data only confirms what I've always felt or believed. Not only is the premium ball better in most ways but as MGS has determined by looking at the actual price of each ball. The consistency of the ball throughout the box of 12. I'm not supposed to hit the Left Dash that long because of my swing speed (95 to 98mph) BUT! I hit it as far as any ball right now and I LOVE the feel and action I get on the greens. But again, let me thank all of MGS for performing this test. A 30 minute read and MONTHS of brain fodder.
  4. John Traverse City, Michigan Mavrik Sub Zero 12 97 TSi3
  5. John Traverse City, Michigan 12 T-300 +1 length, AMT Black, Reg flex shaft, Standard loft, Standard lie Golf Pride MCC +4 Blue Midsize grips T-200
  6. Finally played my second round With the T300's. I'm at a pretty low point right now with my swing BUT. When I do hit them right they go great and on line. I'm back to hitting my old yardages ON LINE. And spin the ball nicely. I'm able to draw and fade at will again. I've got a case of the "thins" right now and it's driving me crazy. All in all. Look great. Hit great. FEEL great. Thanks for listening J
  7. Will do! Can't hardly wait. BTW, my swing speed was 77 - 78mph.
  8. I was fitted by a TrackMan Certified Master Fitter today at Carls Golfland in Bloomfield Hills Michigan by Ryan Johnson. Considering I've been playing the game nearly 55 years I think I learned as much today and I ever have. First my 15 year old Bridgestone J-36 irons (which I LOVED) with Project X 6.0 Rifle shafts Just aren't for a mature swinger. I can't flex them anymore. Tested with 7 iron. I hit Ping G-410, (Very nice hit, good consistency, accurate. My first choice until... Taylor Made M-6 Lots of vibration felt through my hands. Honma P747. Excellent fit and feel Everything felt and looked great except spin rate too low. Cobra King F9. Didn't please my eye and didn't feel right. Finally what I though I would NOT like, the Titleist T300. WOW! Couldn't even feel the ball off the face. A nice "click" and the ball was gone. Very tight group. With the AMT Black R300 shafts I increased my ball speed 10mph and gained from123.1yds to141.3yds yards carry. Smash factor from 1.21 to 1.33 Spins and angles all good. For an older gent like me I enjoyed the increased speed and distance but MORE IMPORTANTLY the tight grouping and consistent distances. Now I can adjust my club selection with confidence instead of guessing as with my old set. Just my 13 cents worth of contribution to the forums. I'll be happy to answer Q's if anybody has any. May I add. Mr. Ryan Johnson did not assume anything when we met as some in the industry do. See my age assume my swing. He took his time. Evaluated every aspect and not only made recommendations but allowed me the time to hit and self evaluate along with the numbers. Very pleased with Carl's over my years of buying equipment, shoes and apparel.
  9. John, Michigan 16 Bridgestone J36 150 This happens to be one of the brands I'm looking at to upgrade my clubs
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