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  1. Hold a towel under your armpits while practicing. Don't let it drop until complete follow through
  2. In our little group, we play skins and dots. ( dollar dots are same as skins except greenies, [MUST VALIDATE] birdies [extra dot eagles are 2 extra dots] or better within a foursome.) We have from 8 to 20 players. Gimmies are par or greater and are considered if they are within the traditional "inside the leather" (from putter head at the hole to the beginning of the putter grip on shaft) No complaints and it sure speeds things up Bogie and better pick up. I also play in 2 leagues and we play "inside the leather" for matters of expediency.
  3. I've been golfing 63 years. Obviously seen much evolution in golf and equipment. First "SET" was a Bobby Nichols leather grip forged hand me downs. Now it's the Titleist T 300 and thinking about the new T200's. Many drivers. Many woods and not surprisingly, many bags. Open tops, 3 dividers, tubes. Plastic. 1 leather. A few "Tour (Logo) Brand" tour bags. HUGE MOTHERS. The last 8 years or so I've turned to "Cart" bags. I'm 70 years old. The days of walking (let alone carry) my clubs are long since past. There are 2 main reasons I like the cart bags. The first is, all the compartments face the same way. Easily accessible from the cart without having to remove the bag. Second are the handles at the top or opening. In and out of the trunk or vehicle made easier. AND I've gone with the individual club sleeves. Makes the club selections in and out of the bag MUCH easier. One thing I will stand by though is this. You get what you pay for. Buy cheap. Get cheap. Buy quality and you get something that lasts more than a season or two. REGARDLESS what equipment you buy. I don't have the money to get new "STUFF" every year. When I do I make sure it's quality so it lasts
  4. How long will LIV survive until they conform or fold?
  5. PREMIUM golf ball: Left Dash ProV1X MAY be just as good: Maxfli CG Tour I play the premiums for tourneys and outings. Maxfli for every day A third the price. Doesn't hurt so bad when I lose them.
  6. This question is too broad. I've played 60+ years. I've not had the privilege of playing the peninsula in CA and other areas, but have played some. From the most iconic to the worst cow pastures around. I'll break mine down but won't be able to fill ten spots in each category. Most difficult: Troon Pinnacle, AZ.. The Bear, GT Resort MI.. Arcadia Bluffs north, MI.. Reflections, Garland Resort, Lewiston, MI.. TPC Scottsdale, AZ.. Lochenheath, TC, MI.. The Don Ross Memorial at Boyne Highlands, Harbor Springs, MI.. Most Iconic: The Old. St Andrews, Scotland.. TPC Scottsdale.. Balcomie Links, Crail, Scotland. Maybe, Kingsbarns, Scotland.. Most Scenic: Little Traverse Bay, Harbor Springs, MI.. Arcadia Bluffs North Arcadia, MI. 3 of the 4 courses at Garland Resort. We-ko-pa, AZ.. The Alpine, Boyne Mountain. Boyne Falls, MI.. Some more or less but these stand out in my memories.
  7. Wood or composite. Plastic leaves marks on the face. In cold temps (Michigan weather) sometimes 45 degrees, it's like hitting stones. one in our group just got a stealth this past spring and the carbon face was actually damaged. The place he bought it replaced his driver but THEN the guys says you shouldn't use plastic tees with the carbon face especially in cold weather. Combine the cold with the club AND the tee and the ball. My personal use/feeling is, though the plastic last longer the trade off isn't worth the scars and the mower blades
  8. Ease of access. Familiarity with staff, people, and course. I play several rounds at various courses so it's not the same-ole same-ole. I've become friends with some terrific guys. We play regularly and make games such as "Red-White-Blue. Sometimes the tips as well. DOTS. Different tee boxes. You'd be surprized how it changes the course. COST. Playing 60-80 rounds plus 2 leagues per year. Convenience. Maybe 9 holes today. Mostly 18 holes. I find I'm playing Sept and Oct almost free. That said, this is a semi private club with no monthly fees or dues so we don't have that burden. Otherwise, if you meant "Country Clubs" Highly doubtful I'd join. Those are 95% status symbols and hardly worth the money.
  9. I think it's time JT found himself another caddy. Bones MAY be an incredibly brilliant caddy BUT!. Unlike Lefty, JT gets his head filled with too much information and forgets why he's on the golf course. JT needs the distances, elevations, winds. Which way the sun is shining. How much moisture is in the ground and what he did last year is too much useless information. Bones just over inundates JT with TOO DAMN MUCH to think about. Free your mind JT. Let your natural abilities work FOR you. You can see when you address your ball. Thinking too much.
  10. At 70 years old, I ride. But in my youth, I walked using a pull cart. The key to using a riding cart is "etiquette" and "speed". NEVER drive up on a golfer who's addressing or hitting his ball. If you cartmate's ball is one side of the fairway opposite yours, Park in the middle and walk to both. Take 2 or 3 clubs if necessary if you're unsure of distance. Learn to carry your yardage assistant. This B.S. of sitting in the cart waiting for you mate to hit before driving 40 feet to yours because the range finder is in the cart or you're uncertain of distance. Well. You should be CRUCIFIED! Strong language to be sure but with the chatter about "pace of play" It is only common sense. The beauty of a riding cart is 2 fold. 1. If you're next to each other where ever that may be, PERFECT. But if you're on both ends of the earth, Drop your mate at his ball (the one hitting first) then drive to yours meeting somewhere in the middle on the way to your next shots. Co-mon. You can walk a little
  11. I have not begun a new topic before but I get a little frustrated with the PGA Tour website. Example being. The Zurich Classic. And maybe, since the WGC is now defunct. The Dell WGC was good in as much as they discussed the FORMAT of the tourney. The round robin play and resulting bracket leading to the champion. But now we have the Zurich Classic and neither on the PGA Tour website nor the Zurich web site is it explained the format of the daily play. And the terms. UGH!. "Fourseomes" "Fourball". In my 60plus years of gold and following golf including special events and Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup, it CAN be confusing. In my world we use terms like, 2 count 1, 4 count 2 (as in pro-ams here in Michigan), alternate shot, best ball, scramble. What it gets down to is. With all the wealth of information on the PGA Tour website, couldn't they install a button that describes/explains the format used in the various special events? Sorry if it sounds like a rant but it is a pet peeve.
  12. OH MY GOD! OH please Oh please. NEVER. EVER shuck sunflower seeds or any other hulled seed type nuts and spit them on the course ANYWHERE let alone the greens. Ever try clearing the path you need to putt your ball picking up those shells?. They don't do the green mowers any good either. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE habit. Don't start then you won't have to quit.
  13. As far as this topic goes, I think the main thing to teach new golfers is "Pace of play". I fall into the range of the better than average golfer but by no means great. I've played with Pros in Pro-ams in my state and I've played with guys who shot 140. I can play with guys who shoot double par as long as they PLAY and KEEP MOVING. I've also played with guys who were better than me but WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH must we look for balls on every stinking hole INCLUDING tee boxes. Hardly anyone walks these days so you must learn cart speed of play as well. If your cartmate is on one side of the fairway or even in the gigs, you can do one of 3 things. Drop him off to look for his ball. (by the way, you've got THREE minutes. NOT 5 or 10) Drop me off at may ball and let me play while you look. And if you're both playable, park in between and walk to your respective balls WITH your club or maybe even 2 or 3 clubs should you not be certain. Keep an extra ball in your pocket JUST IN CASE and for GODS sake, Pre mark your ball so if you're in a competition, (A money game no matter how insignificant) There's no danger of playing the wrong ball. These few simple things will make the round much more enjoyable for you and your fellow golfers in your group and the course.
  14. Yes but! How cheap? How EASY? Try it without upsetting the industry. Let's face it. The powers that be aren't looking at this from an entertainment / marketing viewpoint. They see numbers. Not human beings. How hard would it be to just let the grass grow a bit. 2, Maybe 3 tourneys. Then check the numbers. Watching the Valspar at this moment. How hard would it be to show the Carry Vs Total drive distances. Just use those numbers for comparison. I just can't see or understand the reason to throw a wrench into an industry for a small group of peoples egos
  15. 2nd reply to this topic. All I've read and only one reference to the fairways being like the billiard table top.. When I see stats like "Carry" and Roll out", and see carry 290 or 310 or there about. Then you see the roll outs going another 30, 60, and in some cases 100 yards. Then you want to retard the balls so they travel less. Why not TRY and leave the fairways say, like the current "First cut" of rough? Balls won't roll out as far. A little trickier into the greens. It could EASILY be done for a couple of tourneys and check the numbers. BEFORE you hack the industry to pieces and bankrupt manufacturers.
  16. ""the bifurcation of the profession into social do-gooders and self-serving iconoclasts"" I know they've been talking about this for years. I can GUESS what they're complaining about but How can you put restrictions on balls or equipment without destroying that industry. I'm old enough to remember the BAN of the "Brittish" balls. There's been no discussion about the "lofts" of the clubs. Why do they hit lob wedges 100+ yards? 9 irons 180 yards? Because they manipulate the lofts. You're going to penalize the golfer who strives to have a faster swing or make "pure" hits of the ball. Isn't this a little (a LOT) like socialism/communism? Someone is too good so "we MUST penalize the achiever to make the underachiever look better?" I've been golfing 60 years. There was a day when I could OCCASIONALLY hit a balata 300 yards with a persimmon. Made me feel great and impress those I played with. All that I've read only speaks of "They hit it too far". What is their ultimate goal? Are we going to limit their engines like nascar? LeMans? To what end? I'd look at redesigning the courses. Tighter and shorter dog legs Thicker rough. Longer fairway grass/turf. The rollouts are INCREDIBLE. One or two more trees they have to navigate? Make the players MANIPULATE or WORK the ball around the course again. Not that many can fade or draw the ball on command or certain degrees of bend. This would force the ball makers to redesign the balls again because today's balls, you can't make em bend like you used too. My two cents
  17. I joined for the unbiased equipment testing.Equipment is such a personal thing. It must fit the eye. Feel good. And of course the price. But after factoring in these things, it's nice to read some unbiased testing to re-enforce ones decision making. I'm from the world of "You get what you pay for". And REALLY impressed with the ball testing, Spring and fall I and I'm not hitting the ball solidly, I can play water balls. It doesn't matter. But when the grove comes back I like to think I'm playing the best ball for me.
  18. I have "Applied" to test many of the offerings but as yet not been lucky enough to do so. My thoughts. As important as it is I think some of the market is missing some dollars by not addressing the "Seniors" market. We too have some disposable income and although I still have a decent swing speed, some of my friends do not. I see many tests that display irons as "Tour" (blades) "Players" (combination) and "Game improvement" (cavity back or hollow) but little to no discussion of shafts I have been fitted with MT300Black steel and they've improved my accuracy but now am questioning how much distance I've sacrificed for that accuracy. Guessing about 10 yards. Lets face it. It's become way more than STIFF, REG. and GRANNY. Anything you guys have to say?
  19. Just bought 4 dozen. I've been left dash guy for a couple years but bought a dozen TOUR and TOURX to try. TOUR feels better and I get the same playability for $2.20 per ball as the $5.00 ball and don't have a heart attack when I hit it in the lake. HEY! I'm not a pro.
  20. Nothing coming from the pros on the new TSR driver. I'm sensing issues. Anyone know anything?
  21. I would love to hear this question if a pro on tour. How do you feel about a guy who takes FOREVER lining up a putt. Looking from all directions. Standing over their putts for a long time. Then missing by 2 or 3 feet left, right or long or short. Not inches. FEET. I'm just a schmo playing 3 - 4 times a week with buddies but I can't stand this. How does a pro feel?
  22. I own a Titliest cart bag with 15 holes with one being oversize for the putter.. I have 14 clubs and a ball retriever. There's a umbrella holder on the outside. Laugh all you want about the ball retriever but I play premium balls and if I can recover it from within reach of shore.... I will. Until I'm under contract with Titliest for a lifetime supply of Left Dash's, I'm fishing for them.
  23. Oddly enough, I've always been conscious of the ball I play both playability and feel. Back in the 60's I played Top Flights. Through today as I play the Left Dash. I decided on the Left Dash beginning of summer and the 2021 ball data only confirms what I've always felt or believed. Not only is the premium ball better in most ways but as MGS has determined by looking at the actual price of each ball. The consistency of the ball throughout the box of 12. I'm not supposed to hit the Left Dash that long because of my swing speed (95 to 98mph) BUT! I hit it as far as any ball right now and I LOVE the feel and action I get on the greens. But again, let me thank all of MGS for performing this test. A 30 minute read and MONTHS of brain fodder.
  24. Finally played my second round With the T300's. I'm at a pretty low point right now with my swing BUT. When I do hit them right they go great and on line. I'm back to hitting my old yardages ON LINE. And spin the ball nicely. I'm able to draw and fade at will again. I've got a case of the "thins" right now and it's driving me crazy. All in all. Look great. Hit great. FEEL great. Thanks for listening J
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