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  1. Sorry for not posting back for a while. I stopped doing the Superspeed program. I'll probably pick it back up later on, but the wrist/hand pain wasn't worth it. I was actually going backwards speed-wise, and I was hitting some really bad shots all over the clubface on top of that. I think until I'm fully healed up for a while and rediscover a good strike pattern, more speed wouldn't help me. I did go to the workshop and it was interesting. I wouldn't say a lot of it was groundbreaking for today's information, but there were good speakers and good exercises. We did different movements to d
  2. @revkev That poor kid. I'm sure you told him he can hit as far as you do someday. Leaving on a family trip tomorrow. Going to catch the SuperSpeed Workshop next weekend on the way back. Tomorrow would be my last day of week 3 for protocol 1. I think I might just skip out on it and go into the workshop fresh and a week removed from anything. I've been having some pain in my left hand around the base of my thumb/between my thumb and index finger all week. So probably better off giving that time to get better, too. As for updates on protocol 1, week 3: Not really any change the 2 day
  3. I have a question for you guys. Do/did you hit balls right after doing the protocols, wait a day, several hours, a week? I've been hitting several balls immediately after doing the training every time to track progress. Would appreciate hearing your experience and if you and/or superspeed advise against doing this. It only occurred to me that it might be a bad idea after seeing something about waiting several hours before playing.
  4. I just finished my second week today. My lefty swings have steadily improved, but I haven't seen any gains on my actual shots. First 2 weeks data: Driver the day Before starting: 96average - 104 high Week 1: Green Blue Red Driver Day 1 (110R - 84L) (105R - 82L) (101R - 82L) (96avg - 97high) Day 2 (113R - 96L) (110R - 94L) (104R - 89L) (96avg -
  5. I've lurked around here for a while, but decided to create an account since I recently got the SuperSpeed Golf sticks for myself and want to share my experience with them. I start my second week tomorrow. The first week didn't give me much for results. I started at 96mph average driver speed(topping out a bit over 100mph on the highest ones) and stayed the same through the first two sessions, without the 100+ swings showing up at all. My third session I saw a 97mph average, with some of those 100+ swings creeping back in now and then. It was a bit disappointing after reading so many peopl
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