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  1. Sorry for not posting back for a while. I stopped doing the Superspeed program. I'll probably pick it back up later on, but the wrist/hand pain wasn't worth it. I was actually going backwards speed-wise, and I was hitting some really bad shots all over the clubface on top of that. I think until I'm fully healed up for a while and rediscover a good strike pattern, more speed wouldn't help me. I did go to the workshop and it was interesting. I wouldn't say a lot of it was groundbreaking for today's information, but there were good speakers and good exercises. We did different movements to determine range of movement and balance and went over corrective exercises to improve those. We were given a goodie bag at the start with a booklet inside that has all of the protocols and how to do them, the movement tests and corrective exercises, along with a lot of other information that we went over at the workshop. The Boditrak pressure mat and K-Vest were cool. There were speakers that use those and we had the opportunity to try those out. I was a bit disappointed there wasn't more of a focus put on trying those things and getting some instruction from it. I understand that wasn't the point, but it would've been better to put time aside for those things to be a bigger part of the workshop in my opinion. Instead, we had to kind of test those things out on our own time, so to speak. I got to use the Boditrak at the end of day 1 and used the K-Vest during lunch of day 2. The most impressive part of the workshop was when we did the level 1 protocol the first day. There was a young guy that swung the green stick 168mph. He got the blue one around 160 and the red one 150+. That was impressive to watch. He kept trying to see how high he could get. They ended up giving him the lightest long driver version stick and he got that one up to 176mph. Quick snippet that Mike from Superspeed gave was they were looking into hitting balls between reps while doing the training. I didn't catch the context of if it was something they are testing for the future or if it's something they tested before and haven't figured out how to make it work yet. Altogether, it was a good experience. Sorry for the late post, hope you guys are well.
  2. @revkev That poor kid. I'm sure you told him he can hit as far as you do someday. Leaving on a family trip tomorrow. Going to catch the SuperSpeed Workshop next weekend on the way back. Tomorrow would be my last day of week 3 for protocol 1. I think I might just skip out on it and go into the workshop fresh and a week removed from anything. I've been having some pain in my left hand around the base of my thumb/between my thumb and index finger all week. So probably better off giving that time to get better, too. As for updates on protocol 1, week 3: Not really any change the 2 days this week. My driver was actually slower on average at 94mph. Stick swings were all around the same, but slightly better for the most part. Green bests were 121 and 120 right handed, 107 and 109 lefty. Blue bests were 115(tied my best ever) and 112 righty, 103 and 100 lefty. Red bests were 106 and 107 righty, 97 and 96 lefty. Almost forgot, I weighed my speed sticks and driver. My driver is 318g, green stick 263g, blue stick 300g, and red stick 339g. So my sticks are actually 17.3% lighter, 5.7% lighter and 6.6% heavier than my driver. I remember reading someone else here weighing theirs and got curious. Anyway, have a good week guys.
  3. I have a question for you guys. Do/did you hit balls right after doing the protocols, wait a day, several hours, a week? I've been hitting several balls immediately after doing the training every time to track progress. Would appreciate hearing your experience and if you and/or superspeed advise against doing this. It only occurred to me that it might be a bad idea after seeing something about waiting several hours before playing.
  4. I just finished my second week today. My lefty swings have steadily improved, but I haven't seen any gains on my actual shots. First 2 weeks data: Driver the day Before starting: 96average - 104 high Week 1: Green Blue Red Driver Day 1 (110R - 84L) (105R - 82L) (101R - 82L) (96avg - 97high) Day 2 (113R - 96L) (110R - 94L) (104R - 89L) (96avg - 99high) Day 3 (119R - 98L) (115R - 93L) (110R - 87L) (97avg - 102high) Week 2: Green Blue Red Driver Day 1 (123R - 102L) (109R - 95L) (108R - 96L) (95avg - 97.6high) Day 2 (119R - 102L) (110R - 103L) (104R - 91L) (94.6avg - 96.4high) Day 3 (119R - 105L) (112R - 98L) (105R - 95L) (96.6avg - 99.8high) Sorry if all those numbers are a mess, but I thought I'd type it up to show my trends. What they don't show is normal swings have been the fastest for me in week 2 for everything but Green and lefty swings. Today they were faster across the board. They're pretty similar for the most part, but my fastest step swing was 5mph slower than my fastest normal swing with Red today, and the same as my slowest normal swing. It would be great to hear any similar experiences and/or recommendations you guys might have. I'm still going to attend the workshop they're having in a few weeks, but starting to wonder if it might be better to stop and wait until I've attended and learned what will help me the most.
  5. I've lurked around here for a while, but decided to create an account since I recently got the SuperSpeed Golf sticks for myself and want to share my experience with them. I start my second week tomorrow. The first week didn't give me much for results. I started at 96mph average driver speed(topping out a bit over 100mph on the highest ones) and stayed the same through the first two sessions, without the 100+ swings showing up at all. My third session I saw a 97mph average, with some of those 100+ swings creeping back in now and then. It was a bit disappointing after reading so many people have big increases right away. My swings with the sticks have increased in speed every session, though, so maybe I'm just a late bloomer. Checking out their website after getting the sticks, I saw they're having a workshop in the northeast in a few weeks that coincides with a trip I'm making past there anyway. I'm probably going to try to attend, so I'll share my results until then and how that experience turns out as well. Thanks for all the stories and results you guys have shared. I look forward to reading more.
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