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  1. My 2 cents....I had a TomTom Golfer 2 previous to owning a Garmin S40. Reason for change was that I was simply looking for something new and that TomTom stopped updating the watch. Beyond tracking distances and arguing what is better/faster/nicer (watch/laserfinder) I use the watch actively to simply let me focus on the game and the other people in the flight instead of tracking shots. What I was baffled finding out after purchse of the Garmin is that it doesn't track shots... ... Come on how come you launch a golf watch onto the market without shot tracking! Let me explain: I hit a tee shot and then 4 more shots before entering the green (let's assume it's a par 4). So by the time I hit my putter I have hit 5 shots. At the moment of entering the green the watch asks how my strokes I played in total (as it cannot track putting)... but why...WHY does it default to 4 (the par of that hole) and not start with 5 (the number of shots I played until that point). My TomTom watch did this and I could quickly add the number of puts.... I don't understand if the watch tracks my shots (and counts distance and displays all stats on my phone)... that it doesn't track the number of shots I play. If it weren't for the fact that I like the smartwatch part, I would have return the watch....
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