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  1. I recently purchased the axel golf trolley. Great storage box and easy system to use . But has anyone else had their brake snap on them . Quite easily I must add. Seems a shame because the trolley itself is brilliant
  2. I have recently purchased the under armour hove spiked shoes. Have to say I've never put a shoe on and felt that comfort straight away. Also they are wide fit which is perfect for me. As I find Adidas and footjoy far too narrow . Under armour in general make some great golf gear, but these shoes are another level . You walk with a spring in your step
  3. I actually use the nike method milled mallet putter. With supposedly roll technology on the face. Personally with putters I'm always looking for the weight feel. For the pendulum affect . If you have a good rhythm . Ball roll should be good.
  4. Liam . Liverpool England HC 16 Current irons are callaway big bertha 2008 ibrids Cleveland rtx 3 wedges 7 iron carry 152
  5. Liam . England , Liverpool 16 HC Current irons Callaway big Bertha 2008 Cleveland rtx 3 wedges 7 iron carry 155
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