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  1. I add a big Yes on the misreads. I too often hit it just where I read the putt and I miss. So I have learned that I could improve my putting by improving my. ability to read greens. Aimpoint??
  2. Putter lie angle question…. I move one about one inch closer to the ball in my putting setup. I then also lower my hands the same distance onto the putter grip. Have I changed my lie angle? it does sound like a problem for a geometry class, doesn’t it?
  3. Listen to Hank Haney’s recent podcast regarding why he now prefers indoor lessons. It’s good and from a teacher’s point of view. I was very pleased with GOLFTEC. I love their app and the review of the lesson. Plus you can go back much later and do a relook at the focus of that lesson.
  4. Callaway Rogue ST max LS. Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Blue 5 regular
  5. I went through true golf fit and my first recommendation included the Fujikura Ventus Blue 5 regular shaft. That appears to be an expensive upgrade of over $300 from the standard shaft of the suggested Callaway driver. My question how much improvement would I see in this club through the use of the upgraded shaft?? My handicap is 12.7 . Current driver is epic speed with a senior shaft.
  6. I see Adams Golf has now brought out hybrids. They are even advertising on this sight. It reasons that they are made by Taylormade. Any feedback regarding the performance of the Fairway clubs and the Hybrids?
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