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  1. Does anyone else have a bad taste in their mouth regarding club fitting? I've been fitted twice... once for a driver (at Golf Galaxy), and another time for irons (at a TaylorMade demo days). Got fitted for a Ping driver, tried it for a year and a half and never really hit it well or consistent (gave it to my son who kills it). With the irons I got fitted into a set of SpeedBlades, again played them for an entire season, and again inconsistent. My local Pro watched me on the range and said, "Those don't fit you". He tried to bend them some (TaylorMade are difficult to bend), but... Now hitting Ping G400 (off the rack) and love them. Maybe it was the fitter (didn't really spend enough time with me?), or maybe my swing is just too inconsistent (granted, it was off-season), or maybe my swing changes from day-to-day or round-to round. IDK Anyway, I now believe I can modify my swing to fit the clubs, rather than the other way around. Anyone else have similar experiences?
  2. I always like UST shafts, especially the (yellow) UST V2 shaft. But I've been reading a lot of good things about Fujikura shafts, esp. after MyGolfSpy is so high on the Ventus shaft. But it's $350 price point scares me a bit, so I recently bought the Fujikura Pro 65 for my driver (Ping G400). Any others experience both the UST and Fujikura shafts? Is the Ventus shaft really worth the pricey investment (over its Pro 65 shaft)?
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