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  1. I am an 8 handicap currently playing Titleist Tour Soft. Just got a sleeve of Cut Blue and Cut Matte White balls. Needless to say they feel like $20 golf balls. The Cut Blue (4 piece) claims to be tour quality is pretty "clicky" off the face even on the green. The dimples on the ball are not as clean as would be expected from a premium golf ball with some being raised almost not showing as negative dimples.From a first glance the ball looks to be Tour quality with the quality sheen and urethane cover but when you take a closer look you notice the manufacturing flaws. The Cut Matte White (3 piece) ball cover was damaged on the first hit of the ball after landing in the sand. Neither ball delivered a consistent flight or stopping ability on the green. These balls play like their price point although they claim they are premium and tour quality. I have had better results playing other direct to consumer balls from other companies (Vice, Snell), it's difficult competing with the current best balls on the market without paying for it.
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