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  1. It does give me more job security, but the demand right now is almost overbearing at times.
  2. The unfortunate thing is even if the economy gets better my job will still be busy. There are a lot of people out there that aren't really affected by layoffs and other issues...they just merely spend way too much money on unnecessary items when they need to pay their bills. It's unfortunate, but you have to be honest with those people and try to get them straightened out.
  3. I work for a community bank in south central Kentucky. I am the Default Management/Loss Mitigation Specialist, which at this time in our economy is a very busy job. Not always fun, but it has its moments when it can be rewarding.
  4. I can't say that I have a problem like yours! It seems as if you have quite the collection of options.
  5. When I am not on the golf course I am normally either playing softball or volunteering my time to coach baseball. I know this summer I will be occupied coach a 13 year old baseball team in my area. Coaching takes up some time, but it's worth it to spend time with those kids and coach the game I grew up playing.
  6. No problem! I don't see them often and quite frankly, I haven't seen them in months. I know you can order them online which is what I did last time because I could never find them when I went to the course.
  7. I have started packing sunflower seeds...partly because I love them and I played baseball all my life and sunflower seeds are a must on the ball field. As for them keeping you relaxed, it made me think of the Under Armour ads I have been seeing for their mouthpiece they are selling that involves Hunter Mahan in the ad.
  8. I'm a real big fan of the 1st Tee and 10th Tee bars, but I don't see them that often. When I do I pick up extras to carry with me. Most the time I carry water or Gatorade and granola bars, peanuts, almonds, or something of that nature.
  9. And the rock just keeps rolling downhill on Titleist. Wonder if we will see any more legal action against them?
  10. This is a good question. I was just looking at some irons and trying to figure out how to reduce the gaps in my lofts and with the irons I am looking at the PW is lofted strongly at 43* which puts me in a dilemma with wedges. With the set I was looking at I would carry 6-PW and 4 wedges instead of my normal 5-PW with 3 wedges. I think allowing recreational golfers the ability to carry 2 extra clubs would only add to helping them fill gaps and it would also help the club companies as they would be selling more clubs in turn.
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