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  1. I really like Hunter Mahan and I am glad he pulled out the win this weekend. I would have loved to see Fowler get the win, but Mahan really needs a spark to get him going. He has a lot of potential, but seems to play really good in spurts. If he can hone in on his game then I think Hunter can contend for majors. The US really needs him on the Ryder Cup team and playing in his prime, because he brings a lot of energy on the course which is what we need in Ryder Cup matches.

  2. I think the thing that stands out the most and catches my eye is the unique milling it has on the face. Definitely, one of the more interesting millings I have seen and I absolutely love it!

  3. Well the only time I have ever played a round in the rain in which it was raining before we started was at Golf Magazine's ClubTest back about 4 or 5 years ago. We had to go out and it was a monsoon. Playing in the rain is definitely a challenge! You have to be prepared! I know that no matter what the weather is I always have the following in my bag:


    -Rain suit

    -Rain gloves

    -Hood for my bag (The one I have does a solid job of keep my clubs dry during bad weather)

    -Frogger towel (actually stays dry on the inside if it's raining so I can keep my grips dry



    These items don't make it pleasurable, but they at least make it tolerable if you get caught in the rain.

  4. It's just facts right now. The European Tour has much better younger players right now .... or better put the European younger players are playing to their potential. Now if some of our younger guys can start to get some confidence while Tiger is out and maybe win a tourney or two that can only help American golf IMO. We'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out when it comes time to pick em time.




    True statement...I think the win for Hunter Mahan today sets the pace for one of the younger US players. He really needed to get a win like that today and hopefully it will get him in the line for being a lock for the US team.

  5. Man, all these companies going under. Sign of the times I know. First Nickent, now them?? I would have thought the afford-ability of it would make it last. Still, they made a good product.


    That just goes to show you how the economy has affected the golf industry. Look back to a few years ago and all the smaller companies that were out there making products and now the numbers have dwindled.

  6. The Euro side scares me, especially in the next 4-6 years with McIlroy, Hanson, Stenson, Noren and Matteo Manassero.


    I hope that Pavin follows the same idea that Azinger did by giving young guys a chance over some veteran who doesn't have much of a record. I'd be interested to see if Fowler can get up there close in points.







    I agree completely about the European side. They have a lot of young guns that are already big players in the game so they will be stacked for a few years to come. The US has some young guns, but they just don't play at the consistency of the European side's younger players.

  7. Great interview! There are so many up and coming putter designers out there these days. While I have never worked with Gene he seems like a great individual and a great designer. I'm just in awe that he started designing putters at 12 years old!!

  8. This is a new system that we hope will be an upgrade to most forum classifieds. Let us know how you like it.


    And you are more then welcome Slanger.


    Maybe I am biased, but I think the way classifieds are handled here will be much more functional than other options.

  9. I'm skeptical myself. I'm not a big fan of most CB forged irons and when I think of forged, I certainly don't think of Ping. I am interested in why Ping felt the urge to go to forged all of the sudden...perhaps Mizuno is eating up their market share.








    I think a lot of companies are eating up their market share when it comes to players irons. Ping not having a forged offering, to me, kind of holds them back.


    I like a forged cavity back. There are a lot of solid models of forged cavity backs out there on the market today. It at least gives you a slight bit more forgiveness as compared to forged blades.

  10. It has a nice look to it and I'm sure it will be awesome, btu anybody think theres a bit too much going on in that cavity? JMO


    I really like the cavity. I can see where some might think it has too much going on, but I think it is just right. I can't wait to see how the irons feel compared to other forged cavity back irons.

  11. I always have my Blackberry on me even when I am on the course. Unfortunately, it is kind of required for me in my job to keep it on me. As for anyone else using their phone or other electronic devices it doesn't bother me as long as it is done properly. What I mean by that is I keep my Blackberry on silent so it doesn't ring or vibrate during the round. I do check my phone when I get back in the cart and if I get something that is pressing then I will respond, but if it is unimportant then I just leave it be.


    All in all, I don't have a problem with anyone having their phone on the course because emergencies happen, but just be respectful of everyone else and keep your phone on silent or some level that won't disturb other golfers.

  12. This is a good question. I think we are getting past the era of the square club heads that were created a few years ago. Sure there are a few still lingering around, but a lot of companies seemed to have scrapped the idea. I really don't know if shape will be the main factor anymore. I can see OEM's starting to look at different materials to manufacture their club heads with. All in all, who knows what will happen, but it should be interesting to see how it all pans out.

  13. I am not going to say I don't like stamping on putters, but the only thing is you personalize a putter too much then you are kind of up the creek if you decide to sell it. If you plan on keeping it then I love stamping putters!

  14. I think the changes in grooves is going to be a big fault of theirs. Obviously, amateurs still have time before the rule affects them, but when it does come into effect for amateurs it will be interesting to see how it affects the game.


    Think of it this way...how many people do you know that can get the ball to stick on the green or get the ball to spin back. I only know of a few people I play that can and they don't do it every time. When amateurs are affected by this change we will see some interesting shots. I also think it will increase the time it takes to play a round of golf.

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