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  1. This is a good question. I was just looking at some irons and trying to figure out how to reduce the gaps in my lofts and with the irons I am looking at the PW is lofted strongly at 43* which puts me in a dilemma with wedges. With the set I was looking at I would carry 6-PW and 4 wedges instead of my normal 5-PW with 3 wedges. I think allowing recreational golfers the ability to carry 2 extra clubs would only add to helping them fill gaps and it would also help the club companies as they would be selling more clubs in turn.

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  2. I agree, Ben Crane is a name that I don't see hanging around too long. I just found it interesting to look at the standings this early in the season to see where everyone stands. I think this list will change dramatically, but I also think we will see some big surprises on the US team this year.

  3. I agree... The only TM putters I like are the Kia Ma versions.


    Has anyone tried a TM putter? What are your thoughts?


    I have tried all of the models and while I'm not a fan of their mallet offerings their blade-style putters are great and roll the ball well. A buddy of mine has a Kia Ma and I would rank it right up there with Cameron in terms of feel, roll and looks.

  4. The new design is leaps and bounds better in the look department from the last installment! I couldn't get over the looks of the last design, but the clean look of the new design along with the black finish is really eye catching. Good job by Adams with the revamping the design some!

  5. I am a huge fan of Tom's work! I purchased a custom putter from Tom and it is a solid stick. I have gone back to a Cameron this year, but Tom makes some fantastic putters and does some amazing refinishing jobs. The best part is he is one of the nicest guys out there and a pleasure to work with.

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