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  1. I think the first few events will be extremely difficult for him. You know he will get millions of questions during press conferences and the fans I'm sure will have some snide comments. I think once he gets past the first few events he will back to his old winning ways. I think the old adage of "what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger" applies here.

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  2. My kinda topic :blink:


    Firstly "golf specific" workouts are inherently detrimental by design. Think about it, if you were to exercise your golf muscles you would be building up those muscles and creating IMBALANCES while neglecting the rest of your muscles.




    (hope that is clear)


    for the best benefit, what a person needs to do is incorporate a total body workouts that stimulates all 6 major body parts:








    Now as one progresses and fitness level increases they can split the body up into days in order to provide greater stimulation per session to the given bodypart.


    But health and fitness is not just about going to the gym and repeatedly moving around iron. Its a 3 prong approach:

    1-Training - it provides the stimulation to induce change

    2-Nutrition - Provides the nutrients to accommodate the change

    3-Hormones (yes you do make them between your legs) - provides the support for the nutrients to make the change


    Forget about losing weight, and focus on building muscle (no we're not talking about 20" biceps), just by increasing one's lean muscle mass increases the metabolic rate which in turn burns more body fat. For all you people looking to lose weight remember the folks that used the starvation diets worked - they died! you need to EAT nutrient dense foods to provide the required amino acids (via protein) your body needs to repair (muscles, organs, tissue, hair etc) along with good sources of energy (carbs and fat) to accommodate that repair process and the fat will come off.


    Hormones - anytime you eat something you kick start some type of chemical reaction in the body. Keeping your body ANABOLIC (meaning to use energy to grow) vs CATABOLIC (using energy to destroy) is the key. If your body is lacking amino acids in the bloodstream (the body is no diplomatic) it will cannibalize itself and steal the aminos from your muscles (shrinking them)and organs to fulfill its requirements. Now you are fighting your body vs using your body to grow.


    well that should get us going =) gotta run for now



    I completely understand what you are saying. I have forgotten about the weight loss now, but my issue is I can't find a workout that I really like. I figure low weight/high rep would work better, but not certain. What suggestions have you got for workout programs?

  3. An interesting concept, but it's not for me. I'll change shafts on a driver all day, but the putter is such a personal club that you almost forge a relationship with and this seems to kill it for me.


    That is my feelings exactly. I feel that if I tinker with the flat stick too much it will mess me up as I am comfortable with my putter.

  4. Well here is what I currently have...


    Driver-Mitsubishi Diamana

    3 Wood-Aldila VooDoo

    Hybrids-both stock shafts

    Irons-Rifle 5.5


    I plan on replacing the hybrids this year and I'll will probably be replacing them with 909H's with Diamana's in them. The irons will be replaced as well this year and I'll be looking at either Cobra Pro CB's or Titleist AP2's. As for shafts in those I will either go Project X 5.5 or maybe look at KBS.

  5. That is a pretty sweet deal! I used to play the Nickent 4DX. It was in my bag over the past two years. It was a great driver and it would still be in may bag if I hadn't needed to go down in loft. When that happened I decided to switch to Titleist.


    If you need a good, solid driver then $69 for the Nickent Evolver is a standout deal!

  6. So over the past few years I didn't really take into consideration my fitness level. I realized back in November that my weight was getting out of hand...I was topping the scales at 230 lbs and for me that was unacceptable! I took matters into my own hands and since November I have lost 30 lbs to get back down to 200.


    Now my goal is to tone up and work on my strength and flexibility. What I need is a good golf-specific workout that will help me gain more flexibility along with helping my tone the body up. I have no desire to ripped and huge...just cut and lean.


    Anyone have any suggestions on where I should start??


    Thanks in advance for the help!

  7. Well, with adjustability being a large selling point in the market today I can see this design being taken and used in some form by some OEM's. I think adjustability will be a large selling point for wedges in years to come, but obviously OEM's are going to have to figure out some design ideas to help generate more spin since the groove rule changes. I really think wedges will become a battle ground of designs over the next few years and replace the battle ground that we have seen in the driver market over the past few years.

  8. Actually the head is not heavy...all the weight is put in the end of the grip for counter-balancing the weight. This thing felt pretty damn good actually. Should have some in soon to test out. They still have not gotten any stock in.


    I'm surprised to hear that! I figured the head would be heavier than most wedges on the market. Like I said I didn't want to knock it before I tried it, but I think when most people see Heavy Wedge they are immediately going to think of hitting fats shots!


    Also, what are the grooves like on these? Are they conforming or non-conforming?

  9. I agree, the putters look a little unfinished in these pics. I would like to see what the finished product will look like. If they put the effort in the putters that they have put in everything else then these will be some top-notch putters.


    There's some potential there. Too bad Ari and Jeff McCoy were in such a rush to have these displayed at Orlando this year (2010). Some extra grinding here and there would have made a big difference in aesthetics.

  10. I don't guess i should knock it until I try it, but the only thing that keeps running through my mind is how many fats shots am I going to hit with this thing?!?!?!?! I'm afraid the weighting might cause some people some issues...but like I said I'm not going to knock it until I try it. Can't wait to see what the driver will look like.

  11. So I know we are still months away from the Ryder Cup, but I happened to check the current standings for the US team as of today (February 22, 2010) and if it were to end today the US team would have a few interesting looks. Take a look at the standings:



    Rank Rank

    This Last

    Week Week Player Events Points


    1 1 Steve Stricker 8 2,068.530

    2 2 Dustin Johnson 10 1,963.150

    3 3 Lucas Glover 7 1,952.200

    4 4 Stewart Cink 8 1,795.017

    5 5 Tiger Woods 4 1,286.163

    6 6 Phil Mickelson 6 1,154.210

    7 10 Ben Crane 7 1,126.773

    8 7 David Duval 6 1,117.270

    9 8 J.B. Holmes 6 1,025.468

    10 9 Ryan Palmer 5 1,018.842

    11 11 Kenny Perry 6 988.277

    12 13 Matt Kuchar 9 961.076

    13 12 Bill Haas 4 923.850

    14 14 Chad Campbell 9 906.993

    15 15 Ricky Barnes 6 834.552

    16 16 Tom Watson 2 732.603

    17 18 Sean O'Hair 8 725.980

    18 17 Brandt Snedeker 8 639.476

    19 20 Hunter Mahan 8 622.210

    20 19 Alex Prugh 5 585.246

    21 27 Nick Watney 9 571.262

    22 21 Steve Marino 5 565.448

    23 24 Ryan Moore 6 534.773

    24 22 Bubba Watson 8 517.851

    25 23 Paul Goydos 7 513.153


    Obviously, this is the top 25 as of today, but a few names jump out at me. The biggest is number 8, David Duval. If we ended today he would make the team! Who would have ever thought after all he went through with his game that he would be in the running for a spot on the Ryder Cup team.


    I have a feeling there will be a lot of surprises on the team this year and while youth and fresh faces might be good for the US...I'm afraid that could also be their downfall. Needless, to say it should be interesting to see how this pans out over the next few months.

  12. Now this is a SeeMore putter that I could bag. I have tried all of the previous SeeMore models and never really found one that was pleasing to the eye. This putter has clean lines and is very basic compared to other SeeMore models. If I hadn't just bought a new Scotty Cameron California putter it would wait for this to come out to try it out.

  13. I can't remember what those things where called, but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture!!


    It does sort of look like that little thing all us kids had that showed the little slides in it. I think it was orange and yellow.

  14. I am all about options, but for some reason I like my putter to stay consistent. I'm not trying to knock the idea of interchangeable putter faces, but for me it is a little too much. Golf is already complicated enough....why make it more complicated?

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