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  1. Holy crap!!! That has to be on of the craziest things I have seen. I freak out if I think I put a sky mark on my driver. I couldn't imagine if I put dents on the sole of my club. Geez!
  2. I prefer the current logo, but this one is a cool change of pace.
  3. I love wearing metal spikes as I feel that they give you more traction, but as it has been said pretty much every club I play at will not allow you to use them. On top of that they aren't the easiest things to find these days. I would love to see a switch back to metal spikes. It would be better for the course and it would provide many golfers with better traction.
  4. I am not a huge fan of the looks. The only thing that would make me consider switching from my 909 D3 would be the interchangeable shaft option.
  5. Not bad, but they just don't jump out and really grab my attention. Ping wedges tend to have that affect on me...I haven't found many that I really just fall in love with.
  6. How bout that? I doubt it is photoshopped, but its darn funny.
  7. Hmmm...I wonder if he will bite on this. I don't know if a gambling website is the exact sponsor you would want if you are trying to repair your image.
  8. I am currently playing the Srixon Z-Star X Tour Yellow. Switched here recently and absolutely love this ball!
  9. Love the pants John! Those are awesome.
  10. I couldn't agree more with that comment! The Backstryke putters are terrible!
  11. Well, he didn't fire him...Hank resigned as Tiger's coach http://www.golfweek.com/news/2010/may/10/haney-resigns-woods-swing-coach/
  12. This is a sad story to hear. You hate to hear when anyone passes on, but at such an early age.
  13. That is one of the worst designs I have seen in a long time. I could never put that in my bag because I could never look down at it and not laugh before I putt.
  14. I completely agree that the Backstryke felt really awkward. I rolled a few with the Backstryke yesterday and the first putt made me stop and look at the putter to see if the face was broken. I just couldn't stand the feel of the putter and I am a feel putter so that eliminates the Backstryke from ever getting into my golf bag.
  15. That is a nice looking set of irons Sactown! I absolutely love the Mx-300's. They are some the best feeling irons have ever hit.
  16. Well, I can't say that I am not surprised. With everything that happened I just had a hard time seeing Tiger being able to earn her trust again.
  17. All of the Dick's Sporting Goods stores I have been in have horrible selection in their golf sections and are nowhere near the golf shop of a Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, Edwin Watts, Etc. I think this transaction would be bad for the golfing industry.
  18. I have hit and I loved it. Super long off and super easy to hit. I was worried about the club head size, but this club is fantastic. The only problem I had was the longer shaft caused for a few adjustments, but all in all it is a solid choice for a hybrid,
  19. I have been using Birdie Balls for the past few years. I use them at home and they are a great training aid. They fly far enough to see the ball flight and not long enough to get out of my yard. They are really responsive to your swing as well because when you mishit one it will hook or slice like a real ball.
  20. I like the looks of Prototype 7 the most. I just like the sleek and clean cavity back look.
  21. I went with Haney as well and for pretty much the same reasons you said above. I feel like he has the personality that would mesh well with me and my game.
  22. I like the Poulter Design trousers, but just can't see paying that much for them.
  23. Well, in the cooler months I am in pants and most likely thermal compression pants underneath those. Then I will top that off with Under Armour Cold Gear and Adidas Climawarm gear. In the summer months I am always in Adidas Climacool gear and shorts. Occasionally, you might find me in pants during the summer months, but only on rare occasions. I always wear hats as visors and no hats just don't get it done for me!
  24. Not sure, but I can check into that for you and let you know.
  25. As long as you follow the concept that they are showing you the results will be similar. I try to use muscle confusion when I am in the gym now. I always try to rotate my workouts each couple of weeks because I don't want my muscles to just be stagnate, I want to see growth or more tone to my muscles.
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