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  1. I imagine that the Wii does bring the difficulty up a notch. Personally, I've never been impressed with the Wii. Maybe I'm just bad at it, but I've always found that the remotes were not very responsive to what I did, and that gets frustrating in a hurry.


    I agree, at times it is frustrating, but honestly I play my Wii more now than I play my Xbox 360.

  2. Is the game any more difficult now than it used to be? I have 2 versions, maybe even 3, and I remember routinely shooting in the 50's and running away from the field by 20+ strokes. Not that it wasn't fun, just not very challenging or interesting after a while.


    They have tried to make it harder, but I can still routinely shoot in the 50's. The real kicker is you play it on the Wii because it does a pretty good job of simulating a real round of golf, not 100% accurate, but better than what you would imagine.

  3. Thanks for the info. I have to ask the out of shape, embarrassing question. How many pull-ups does one need to be able to do to start this? I have almost completely suppressed the memories of Presidential fitness testing in high school.


    The good thing about the P90X workout is that you don't have to do the pull ups. They will show you other exercises that you can do with resistance bands that take the place of the pull ups. Although if you can do the pull ups you will get more out of it I think.

  4. We need to be sure we use the reputation buttons honestly. I don't think it is a good idea to just go and simply click positive feedback on whom the individual is.


    If you agree with what someone says then click the green plus and if you don't agree then click the red minus, but don't just click it for no reason because that takes away from the function.

  5. :) Did it say "Rider Cup" or "Ryder Cup"? Maybe Ryder-esq Cup

    While I enjoy Paula and her game, this makes less sense than the other guys being there. Maybe you have an Ultimate Cup option where you and a buddy pick from the whole line-up to make teams.


    No, it uses Ryder Cup and the Ryder Cup logo. Even has Celtic Manor on there so you can play the actual course.


    I do like the fact that they are on track of getting more features into the game.

  6. Probably nothing for a while. You have the Cobra account too. Maybe initially you will see more access to the puma gear like clothing and shoes. (Love the style of the shoes btw.) As the worlds come together, and the new product comes to market, things may be a bit different. Hopefully they are very careful about altering the brand. Good cobra product needs to remain good.


    Someone should have paid closer attention to Camello's wardrobe. This cobra gear, puma wear, he was the harbinger of the union...


    Only thing is Camillo is a J.Lindeberg guy so you can't really credit Camillo as being the harbinger of this transaction.

  7. That seems like a big mistake for the Ryder Cup...


    I agree! I think they should make it as realistic as possible, but obviously the lack of some of the American golfers and European golfers make that hard to do. It also had Paula Creamer and Suzanne Peterson on each team.

  8. I watched the video on the new Ryder Cup feature and I think it will be a cool addition. I like the fact that you can play your career golfer and qualify for the team according to what I saw in the video. The only issue I had was in the video they had Villegas, Singh and Weir on the US team and they wouldn't be on the team so that is the only issue I had with it.

  9. I have watched the first two episodes and while it is hard to tell for certain what happens I do think that when it is all said and done Hank will probably help him reach his goal. At least Ray has a swing because they really didn't give Hank a snowballs chance in you know where by pairing him with Charles Barkley in the first season.


    I think Ray will give Hank fits at times with his mental side, but I think they will work through all of that.

  10. I am a fan of both! I love Puma apparel and shoes and Cobra makes some solid clubs. I think as long as Puma handles everything correctly this could be a great union of these two brands. I look forward to seeing what comes of this.

  11. I will do that. Does he specify which finishes are more maintenance free than others?


    He doesn't on his website, but I talked to Tom a few weeks ago and we were discussing finishes that he has now. I will look in my e-mail and see if I can find the e-mail he sent me describing the finishes.


    He does have one on his sight called "Irish Gold" which I am thinking about getting my next putter in when I order another from him.

  12. Coffee maker is a daily use item though. Research seems vital.

    It does erode my consumer confidence though. I still have not pulled the trigger on the nice big flat tv. so many choices and specs. I don't feel like I have reached the level of knowledge needed to buy one yet.

    Totally stupid, I know. It is just a TV...


    I don't think it is totally stupid! It isn't just a TV, trust me! I did hours upon hours of research before I bought my HDTV.

  13. My wife gives me huge amounts of grief for being so deliberate when it comes to researching even medium sized purchases. I spent a couple of hours researching the last coffee maker we bought. :)


    Android has some of the same apps as the iPhone when it comes to scanning bar codes, product look-ups, etc. I use my Motorola Droid for that all the time.


    I am in the same boat with you. I get grief from my wife because I research too much, but I would rather be completely certain before I make a purchase regardless of whether it is a golf purchase or one for my home.

  14. Wow. We were talking about that in one of the other threads. I'm pretty obsessive about club maintenance but I'm also time challenged. That would be a deal breaker for me!


    I am the same way! I always want my clubs clean and shiny, but for some reason I forget to oil the putter down each time. If you really want a Slighter check out some of the other finishes he has because I know he has plenty of options that are more maintenance free.

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