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  1. Thanks for sharing the process. Secret club info not required. I don't think that talking about it like this would blacklist you from going back. Your non-disclosure agreement is intact. :)


    I don't see an issue in talking about the process so I am not worried and even if I never got to go back to ClubTest I still have the past 5 years to look back on for the experiences.

  2. I like the two sight lines. Is that finish maintenance free or do you have to oil it?


    You have to oil this finish. That is the only problem with the putter that I have because I don't always remember to rub the putter down after each round, but the finish is amazing.

  3. That sounds like what my setup is going to like when I get done this year. Only differences are I will have a 909D3 as my driver and I am going with standard Spin Milled's as my wedges. I love the new AP2's! A buddy of mine has them and I hit his irons on the range a few times and they are smooth!

  4. Exactly Sactown. That's the route I would go rather than having my Scotty re-finished there. Tom has some really cool looking stuff under his own label.


    I would highly recommend getting a Slighter! I have a Portland model in Seattle Mud finish and it is a solid putter! The pictures below speaks volumes more than my words will.




  5. It's like a cross between a Scotty and those putters with the "Micro-Dome" face, with the infomercials, ughhh, forget the name. Anyone remember? Anyway, those putters had weight inserts on the front.


    I am 99.9% sure that the putters you speak of are Hamilton Putters. Here's a pic....



  6. I blogged on A2G about a post that Tom Wishon made on his site's board that described how ridiculously random and advertiser driven the Golf Digest process has become. Its good to hear that Golf Magazine may be taking a different approach.


    If you don't mind me asking and I've always wondered about this... how does one become a Club Tester for Golf Magazine?


    I became a club tester on a wind of luck, basically. My story is that one day I was on the Golf Magazine website about 6 years ago and saw a link about club testing. I clicked on it out of curiosity and I filled out what I will call an "Application" in which I had to review a few clubs from my own bag. I sent that in and then a few weeks later I got an e-mail asking me to send in a video of my swing. I thought that would be the deal breaker because my swing is by no means pretty in any sense. Needless to say, I went to the range and filmed it then I sent it in. A few more weeks later I got another e-mail saying welcome aboard!


    I have done this now for 5 years now and it is a great experience! I have developed a lot of close friendships out of our network of testers from across the country. I'm not going to say that it isn't a lot of hard work, because it is. It isn't just hitting golf balls because if you don't like writing then you will hate it.


    I normally don't discuss it in forums because there have been some who discuss it and never get to go back, but those are the people who talk about the clubs before the articles are out. I would never do that, but when people discuss the process and other items I am more than happy to defend the process because I think it is very effective!

  7. Cool! How did you get hooked up with that (if you don't mind sharing)? Thanks for the insight into the process.


    I feel like I was probably overly harsh in my initial assessment. I think that big club tests like this are helpful for lots of golfers. There are times when I forget that I'm in the extreme minority when it comes to caring/knowing about equipment. Also, it's not realistic for them to review putters from 10 different custom houses that the average golfer won't even consider based on price & lack of marketing. One thing I really like is their emphasis on "See-Try-Buy" which fits in well with the things that everyone is saying here: "You need to test it first."


    I have a lot of buddies who know that I have done this for a while now and people at the courses I play know as well. The one thing I get asked all the time is "what did you test that I should buy?". I always respond the same way...I tell them what I tested might not always be suited for them or if I didn't like it they might love it. I tell them that they don't need to go strictly by the articles and that they need to go out and test the clubs for themselves.


    The See-Try-Buy is one of the best things they have added to the whole piece in a while!

  8. That is so cool! This always seemed like a fun thing to do. Of course the testing has to be controlled. I think is always comes down to "What about...?"

    TP Mills made the GD list last year. Does that happen because they ask GD, or did GD seek them out?

    A day spent putting with everything sounds too good to be true.


    For my past experience the companies are contacted and then asked to send what they would like to be tested.

  9. That must be a rough one sometimes. Hopefully your job will get more and more positive as the economy gets better.


    The unfortunate thing is even if the economy gets better my job will still be busy. There are a lot of people out there that aren't really affected by layoffs and other issues...they just merely spend way too much money on unnecessary items when they need to pay their bills. It's unfortunate, but you have to be honest with those people and try to get them straightened out.

  10. Another thing that I am trying to do is if I make bad shot, which happens more often than I would like, then I try to figure out a score that I will get on that hole. A good example is if I am on a par 4 and I hit a good tee shot and then hit a poor second shot then my goal is to go for par or no worse than bogey. I feel that if I still try to get it tight to have a chance to run it in for birdie then I put more pressure on myself.

  11. I work for a community bank in south central Kentucky. I am the Default Management/Loss Mitigation Specialist, which at this time in our economy is a very busy job. Not always fun, but it has its moments when it can be rewarding.

  12. I bought a pair of Footjoys with the BOA system late last year because they were dirt cheap and honestly I haven't had any issues with them. I actually love the lacing system. It is really quick and easy to make sure they are the right fit. Instead of having to retie your shoes you just turn a knob in the back and your ready to roll.


    I think maybe they could work with it a little more to perfect it because I think the BOA system is amazing.

  13. Ok here is my take and it might be because I am slightly biased...I am a Club tester for Golf Magazine. I didn't participate in the putter test though.


    First thing, there is a lot of effort and work that goes into the testing. People don't just go out there and grab a putter and start putting. I have tested putters in the past and we were fit for them as the OEM's sent plenty of models to test. Then we putted from different ranges so we could see how each putter felt from short, medium and long distances. ClubTest is a large undertaking and the work put in is outstanding.


    As for the custom putter makers...look at it this way. They make a majority of their putters when customers order them so if they were to be involved they would have to crank out a large amount of putters to send in so they could be tested by each tester and with every tester being different there would have to be multiple choices of each design.


    Just my take on it though.

  14. I rolled a few with the Nike Method a few weeks ago and I think it is a much better offering than the previous Nike offerings of the years past. With that being said I still think there is a lot of room for improvement. I still think Nike is really lacking when it comes to putters.

  15. I have decided to set goals for myself this year because in years past I have just went out and played. My goals this year are:


    1. Improve my tee shots...I tend to lose a lot of shots off the tee when I get lazy with my swing.

    2. Improve ball striking...I leave a lot of shots short of greens and I need more GIR.

    3. Instead of aiming at the pin every time I plan on going for the safest spot on the green.

    4. Working on my lay up ranges. I feel that I try to milk all the distance I can out of every club, but I need to put myself in more favorable positions.


    Hopefully, if I can work on these things and get better at those then I can lower my scores dramatically.

  16. Wilson has an uphill battle, but if they stick to their guns I think their products will get them over the top when all is said and done. They do make some quality irons and quality golf balls, but I think they need a solid entry into the driver and fairway wood category to help get them to the next level.

  17. I am ok with planning to miss and play poorly, hence my motto: Sactown says, "Play less Sh**ty"


    Good, solid motto! Maybe they should change their motto to "Putt less sh**ty". It is kind of catchy and I like the sound of it. Hell, I'd buy it as long as it had the motto written on the putter.

  18. And all of this time I just guessed at that when I missed the hole.


    I know that is what I was thinking. The other thing that strikes me odd is the motto on their site is "Aim small...Miss small"....WTF???? Who actually thought about selling a club telling you to miss small????? It's almost like they are saying you'll still miss, but just not as bad.

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