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  1. I have a philosophy that every OEM tells their designers to make their super game improvement irons as ugly as possible. I can only reach this theory due to the fact that I haven't seen a good looking super game improvement iron.
  2. I agree with the paint scheme for Nickent. They had to do something to stand out in a crowd of OEM's. Nickent made some good products. My last driver was the 4DX and it was one of the best drivers I have owned. I would still be playing it if it was lower in loft.
  3. well they are unique....very unique so they accomplished that!
  4. Great pics Morris! I can't wait to see what all pics we can get in this thread.
  5. I agree...I am much more impressed by watching someone hit shots that are accurate and dead on more than I am by someone who hits the ball a country mile! Distance means nothing if you can't put the ball where you want to.
  6. .....those wedges have a little too much going on for me. I prefer my wedges clean cut with less going on.
  7. Well, my California Monterey is holding up well. I have only had my putter for a few months now and haven't played a lot, but it puts fantastic and the finish hasn't shown any signs of wear or tear.
  8. I am with sactown...I love coming home and getting a golf magazine in the mail. I came home today and I had my new issue of Golf Magazine and I was like a kid in a candy store. In all reality though with the internet and ease of access to all of the articles online I can't see the paper magazine staying prevalent for that many more years.
  9. I would like to see a Sunday singles match up in the Ryder Cup between those two. Both of them have a ton of energy and passion and watching those two fight it out on the course would be amazing!
  10. As much as I would like to believe I could dodge the heat I will have to keep the black clothes reserved for cooler days as I really don't want to get heat stroke on the golf course. I have been on the verge of it before and it is not a fun thing! I do appreciate the wise words of wisdom you speak though.
  11. Give them a try...when all is said and done they might not be the best for you, but I really think Titleist has changed some things to make them less of a players club. I love the new AP2's! They are definitely one of the best irons I have hit! If you want a great fairway wood then check out the 909F2...I hit that thing straight as an arrow and long plus it feels amazing! Don't shut them out based on their previous offerings because they are changing things up I think.
  12. That's hilarious! I guess my ninja-like skills will be able to create continuous shade in the dead of summer!
  13. No problem! As I was reading everything it crossed my mind that we see celebrities in the news or gossip columns every day and they don't put movies, tv shows, or recording sessions on hold. They just go and do their thing and people forget about it. You gave a perfect example! Robert Downey Jr. has a laundry list of things he has done, but as you said when I watch Iron Man or anything he is in I don't think about what all he has done. Eventually, when Tiger comes back people will hopefully forget this situation like they do with other famous people.
  14. I tested the Victory Red a few weeks ago and it was a pretty solid driver. Unfortunately, the Machspeed wasn't as good for me and it looks like crap compared to the VR and any other driver out there. I just can't go away from my 909D3 right now. The VR Str8-Fit was good, but just wasn't enough to convince me to change.
  15. Poulter actually has some pretty good designs on his site. I have been tempted to pick up some of the trousers that he designs, but the price is a little high. The Loudmouth designs are a little pricey as well though. As for the pink pants that Poulter would rock....I would probably sport a pair of pink tartans on the course.
  16. I kind of dig the pink grips...they are different and different is good from time to time.
  17. Both of those I posted are from Loudmouth Golf, but the second pair is actually pretty easy on the eyes. They have a few pairs of pants that actually aren't too bad, but there are some on their site that I wouldn't be caught dead in!
  18. I am naturally a fan of the Blackjack finish, but the one that catches my eye is the chocolate bar. I have a Slighter Portland in a similar finish to the chocolate bar...Tom calls his the Seattle Mud finish. The only thing is you have to oil it down after every round which can be tedious, but the look is amazing and there is zero glare from it.
  19. I agree with the statement that some people want to play what the pros play. There are a ton of people who watch and like you said see what Tiger is playing or Phil and they want what they have. As for Titleist I used to agree with you. When I saw Titleist I immediately thought they were players clubs. I recently changed that thought though as I tested a 909D3 and 909F2 and bagged both of them. I am by no means a "player" but I hit the 909D3 and 909F2 straighter and farther than any other club I have ever owned.
  20. I'm with you completely! Something about an all black club draws my attention. I like the idea of the bag set up you were mentioning. Although you would have to wear an all black outfit which in the summer months might be a painful thing to do.
  21. I think car companies should stick to cars and let the club companies handle the clubs....granted Bridgestone is a tire company and they make a dang good golf ball!
  22. I drool every time I look at those CB1's. The combo of the design and the black finish just makes me want to give them a spot in my bag. Does anyone know when these come out?
  23. Pixl wedges were definitely a very interesting concept and I use to see one every now and then, but I haven't seen one in years and quite frankly I saw this thread and brought back the old memories of those ugly wedges.
  24. The way I am trying to look at this is we see celebrities galore in gossip all the time, but you never see them lay out of their next film or show. Granted, I think Tiger has taken some proper steps to reclaiming his name and his stance in society, but I think he needs to get back on the course and show the public he is ready to move on from what happened. What happened is in the past and we all know you can't go back and change that.
  25. I just don't see the benefit in having a big head. If you don't have the game to back up what you are saying then it is doing you absolutely no good!! I have always tried to be honest about my game. I am sure there are times I am not certain about things and I might over shoot on distances, but not to the point to where I look like a complete liar.
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