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  1. I, personally, have goals that I have set for my golf game. The one thing I have always made sure I do is to have fun and enjoy my time on the golf course. I always play with the same three guys and they are three of my best friends and we always cut up and have a good time. Yeah, we talk trash from time to time, but we all know it is in fun. We are competitive, but not to the point where it ruins our day on the course or our friendships.


    I always try to remember that a day on the course is better than a day anywhere else.

  2. I've found that Opera browser works pretty well ... it's a free download, too


    Morris is exactly right! If you have a smart phone check out Opera Mini. I downloaded it on my Blackberry Tour and Opera Mini is a much faster and easier to use browser than the standard issue browser.

  3. When I am not on the golf course I am normally either playing softball or volunteering my time to coach baseball. I know this summer I will be occupied coach a 13 year old baseball team in my area. Coaching takes up some time, but it's worth it to spend time with those kids and coach the game I grew up playing.

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  4. In my hometown there are two main courses, a public course and the country club. The country club is $220 per month for a family membership along with any assessment that they set forth normally in June here. You also have your cost of the cart house.


    The public course is $720 per year and that is unlimited golf and cart. It isn't a fabulous course, but for the price you pay it is the best deal around here.

  5. Had these at Daly's Sevillano Links course. Liked them, but forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder.


    No problem! I don't see them often and quite frankly, I haven't seen them in months. I know you can order them online which is what I did last time because I could never find them when I went to the course.

  6. I agree, if the guy is going to be helping me buy clubs to fix my game, it would help if he knew the truth....


    The way I see it, it's like lying to your Dr.


    Mudfish, I think you hit the nail on the head. You wouldn't lie to your doctor so why lie about your golf game. It doesn't get you anywhere if you can't be honest about your flaws.

  7. on my night league I usually have sunflower seeds... I find that if I have some in my mouth when I swing, it keeps me from clenching my teeth and keeps me more relaxed...


    When I play 18 its usually a banana to start and a granola bar or 2 throughout...


    I have started packing sunflower seeds...partly because I love them and I played baseball all my life and sunflower seeds are a must on the ball field. As for them keeping you relaxed, it made me think of the Under Armour ads I have been seeing for their mouthpiece they are selling that involves Hunter Mahan in the ad.

  8. I'm a real big fan of the 1st Tee and 10th Tee bars, but I don't see them that often. When I do I pick up extras to carry with me. Most the time I carry water or Gatorade and granola bars, peanuts, almonds, or something of that nature.

  9. Machspeed misses the visual mark for me. Like the Victory Red a bunch though. Very clean at address.


    I agree 100% on the Machspeed...it isn't the best looking club to date, but I have heard some success stories of people who have tried it. There is something about the Victory Red drivers that bothers me and I think it is the channel that runs along the bottom of the club, but obviously I don't see the bottom that often.

  10. Yes and no. It all depends on what distance I am sitting at, what the conditions are and how well I have been hitting the ball that day. If I feel confident that I can make a good enough shot to get it there or be around the green then I will go for it, but if I get the gut feeling to lay up and take a wedge in then I'll play that option.

  11. There is a little part of me that wants to pick one of these up just to have for those days when I feel like tinkering around. I have messed around with one a few times at the golf store and it is superb with chips. I just wonder what it would do to the psyche on full shots.

  12. I have thought from the beginning there would be no way he would miss the Master's. With that being said I feel that he would have to play in at least one tournament prior to so he could get the media circus over with and slightly under control. I hope he comes back soon, while I like watching the younger and/or little known players he wont take away much from them as he doesn't play every single week.

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