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  1. The facility looks great, unfortunetly i don't own any wilson golf equipment; to be honest i didn't know they were big in golf equipment. I'll have to look for more Wilson items now:)


    Wilson is still a little behind your major OEM's, but they do make some quality products. I really love their irons and their golf balls are extremely solid.

  2. What do you mean when you say casting? I know for me if i'm struggling i tend to over think and it starts a snowball effect. I've been working on that and have narrowed my thoughts to "see the tee, see the ball, see the whole, hey your thinking to much, swing".


    When I say casting I am referring to on my downswing I tend to cast the club...similar to how a person fishing cast a rod. I throw the club out instead of keeping it tight which causes me to lose some of my shots to the right and lose a lot of club head speed.

  3. What were your bad habits? -this way i can avoid them.

    I also goof around sometimes (probably not good for my golf game) especially doing happy gilmore swings. When I do that for some reason my drives are a lot straighter, doesnt make sense; also there quite a bit longer:)


    I would say the reason you hit it fairly straight is when you are goofing around you don't care what the result is, you are just hitting the ball to hit it.


    I know my main fault is casting at times and not turning completely with my hips through the ball, but I tend to lose my shots to the right.


    Just get up to the tee and try to not over think things. I find that the more I am thinking up there the worse off I am.

  4. I cant afford lessons. I live in Iowa. I'm great at my approach and putting. I like the idea of taking videos for help. I cant golf right now do to snow and i'm injured (leg). I hate not golfing in the winter, and baseball starts soon. I'd like to get a membership at a local airport golf course (its a lot cheaper). I've been told my swing looks good, is it possible when i swing that im opening my club face?


    Well, I wouldn't think your face would be too open at impact if you are pulling the ball to the left (a hook). If that is the case then I would think your club face could be more closed than anything, but it could also be your swing path and nothing to do with your face at impact.

  5. I think this is what Rocco asked for. But definitely odd.


    That just goes to show you how everyone has different tastes when it comes to things. I would never want a putter like this, but to each their own.

  6. We should be getting some detailed info about the development of it from Mizuno soon.


    I can't wait to see the info on the Shaft Optimizer. I know when I tried it I thought it was one of the best things I have seen or tried in a long time. Definitely, an advancement in club fitting assistance.

  7. I have always played what ever I thought was the best suited for my game, even if that means each club in my bag is from a different OEM. I think each OEM makes great stuff, but obviously each company has the areas they are best known for. Playing all the same brand doesn't make the clubs work any better.

  8. This is a good read. I think a lot of people are more concerned with getting all of their clubs fit for them other than their putter. I don't hear a lot of people talking about getting fit for their putters. I used to be one of those people and now that I have a putter that is fit to my game and stroke I would never think about using an off the rack putter.

  9. Is it true that many retail stores may simply use the Shaft Optimzer to fit all of the irons they carry, Mizuno or otherwise?


    I know the last time I was in Edwin Watts a buddy of mine was getting R9 TP irons and they used the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer on him. It is definitely an interesting tool!

  10. As a high school student I would say to talk to an area pro. There are a lot of junior days at places so if you can catch one of those or maybe your local pro would cut you a deal to help you with your game. It's extremely hard to diagnose issues by talking to someone. Trust me...you won't regret getting a lesson!

  11. Officials have been wrong before...many times.


    Oh trust me I understand that completely. My point is that I would say that had it been an issue then it would have probably been addressed quickly after the round...especially with all the people who watch tournaments like a hawk looking for a player to mess up so they can call in and try to report it.

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