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    When I am not on the golf course I am normally either playing softball or volunteering my time to coach baseball. I know this summer I will be occupied coach a 13 year old baseball team in my area. Coaching takes up some time, but it's worth it to spend time with those kids and coach the game I grew up playing.
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    mcbush25 got a reaction from Brian A in 16 Club Rule?   
    This is a good question. I was just looking at some irons and trying to figure out how to reduce the gaps in my lofts and with the irons I am looking at the PW is lofted strongly at 43* which puts me in a dilemma with wedges. With the set I was looking at I would carry 6-PW and 4 wedges instead of my normal 5-PW with 3 wedges. I think allowing recreational golfers the ability to carry 2 extra clubs would only add to helping them fill gaps and it would also help the club companies as they would be selling more clubs in turn.
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